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Invertical Touch released on iOS!

I am absolutely delighted to announce that Invertical Touch has been released on iPhone and iPad! Published by Hunted Cow, Invertical Touch takes the innovative, challenging and enjoyable gameplay of the PC title Invertical and takes it to a new level with the incredible new artwork by Hunted Cow. With 60 levels across 10 unique

Special version of Invertical released!


This special edition of Invertical brings a bit of colour into our hero Simon’s world. With the majority of the bonus levels as well as the Invert World to explore there’s enough gameplay to keep you entertained for at least an hour or so, all for free. If you enjoy the game, why not try

Trick or Treat now out on Ubuntu


I am pleased to announce that the Halloween puzzle-platform game “Trick or Treat” is the first Oxygen Addict game to be released on Linux!  It can be run on recent Ubuntu distributions and includes all of the new levels in the recent Android and Windows Phone 8 updates. Controls are all keyboard driven with the

Trick or Treat updated on Android and Windows Phone 8


Explore more of spooky worlds and collect more goodies in this great new update for Trick or Treat.

Avatar Runner updated to be more challenging


Avatar Runner is a game designed to let you unwind and enjoy a relaxing game whilst also providing a bit of a challenge as well. Unfortunately if you got a trial of the game or bought the full version and were looking for more of an intense sweaty palms game then you’d be disappointed. Along

Oxygen Addict

Welcome to the Oxygen Addict website!

Back in the late ’90s I made my first game, a text adventure written in basic comprising of many goto statements. Now I am looking to develop many small games, experimenting with different technology and design ideas during evenings and weekends as a hobby.  As I have dozens of cool ideas in my backlog and am looking to create prototypes of different types of games, making them available on here. Some games will then be further developed and released either for free or for a small price.

I hope you enjoy playing these games nearly as much as I am making them!

Oxygen Addict