Captain Getsu: Survivor released for FREE!

Test your reflexes in the latest Oxygen Addict title, Captain Getsu: Survivor.

Available for free, the game is a top down space shooter where ship colour matters, just like with the original Captain Getsu. The game uses a brand spanking new controls system heavily modelled on how it would play on a console. Using both sticks on modern controllers, one for moving and one for aiming / firing, you have much mode control and manoeuvrability as you battle the enemy hordes. In addition to Xbox controllers there is also support for other controllers and keyboard, although the game is easier to setup and feels a lot more natural with a trusty wired Xbox controller.

Unlike the original the game is based around repeating one map, aiming for the high score, rather than a series of missions. Designed for repeat play, you will find yourself wrestling for top score. Another difference, a particularly exciting one, is that Captain Getsu: Survivor has support for two players!

Download it for free today!

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