Started development on Invertical

Yesterday work begun to take the Invertical prototype and develop into a fully fledged game. Already there’s a massive improvement, in no small part down to the fact that someone with artistic talent is helping out! @Hannahsayshey has provided a bunch of backgrounds in addition to some baddies. They perfectly match my vision for the game and gives it a much better visual impact.

King Simon

There’s now a bunch of extra levels, providing new challenges and in a variety of styles. These styles will go on to form a chapter comprising with between 5-10 levels with some kind of boss challenge. Upon completion of the chapter you’ll get a nice break in the game, a chance to replay levels or carry on. I’ve never been a fan of when games allow you to save mid-section so the end of chapter is likely to be a nice save point. That way when you rejoin the game it isn’t straight into a tricky boss level. Each chapter will have its own difficulty progression arc where the starting difficulty will always be greater than the start of the previous chapter but not as hard as the last level or two… perfect for getting back into the game.

Anyway, I should get back to working on the game. In the meantime, the idea for Invertical hit me when watching the following music video based on a game. Obviously Invertical is a completely different game to Touhou, but I loved the shadow art style and everything about the animation in the video, which got me thinking about game ideas and eventually lead to Invertical.

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