Invertical demo available!

The demo for the innovative platform game “Invertical” has been completed and released.

You play as Simon, a bit of a square but a clever and witty chap. He loves his books and whilst visiting the only library in his homeworld he found himself teleported to a strange new dimension! Suffice to say he was a touch confused at first but he picked himself together and set upon a quest to find his way home.

The demo boasts six levels plus a finale providing coverage of the several different styles of level design employed in the game. Download the file, install and enjoy!

If you enjoy the demo then the full version will be out in early September and available on IndieCity. As with all the other Oxygen Addict games on IndieCity, all proceeds will go to charity. I am raising money for Sick Kids Friends Foundation, which supports a hospital for sick children in the Scottish city where I live.

Finally on my first run of the final demo build I recorded a video and after a bit of chopping you can watch a short extract  of Invertical gameplay!


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