Game dev marathon for charity #SKSP

In a short while, in fact just over a week, I will be taking on a weekend of non-stop games development (aside from core needs to you know, survive).

The whole thing is in aid of charity. Specifically it is for Sick Kids Friends Foundation who support a kids hospital where I live. Last year I took part in an event called Sick Kids Save Point where we raised I believe it was £20,000 from a gaming marathon. I’m taking part again this year but also wanted to try something different on top of it – a game dev marathon two weeks beforehand.

Whilst it is going to be a draining task, both mentally and physically, I am really looking forward to it. What I find particularly exciting is the idea of working on rather bizarre little games. Okay, they won’t be polished & releasable games but they shouldn’t be too far off the level of what I’ve created when deciding on my previous title (read more about the prototypes). Heck, half the prototypes took no more than 6-8 hours. What will be pretty cool is being able to try different ideas and some rather fun and novel ideas. These aren’t my own as people have been providing game ideas when donating. Here’s the current selection:

  • Text adventure
  • A SKSP game, using our wee boy character. 2d platformer set in a hospital -avoid the bugs, collect the toys.
  • Tower Defense game with elephants with laser cannons on their heads.
  • Platformer where you have to use chewing gum to progress, trap enemies, stick it to walls to create platforms, blow bubbles to float.
  • A digging/mining game through different food types-I’ve got a millionaire shortbread, the 3 layers look good! No idea what the aim would be though.
  • A puzzle game involving monkeys, koala bears and space ships.

Naturally making all of those, plus any new ones that come through is a bit of an ask so I might look to merge them. For example one of my ideas is having a game where you collect toys for kids in a hospital but you use gum to stop the bugs – which is a bit of resource management. Could I have a game where you need koala’s to mine through cake before the space monkeys get them? Who knows?! It’ll be fun finding out.

As I’ll be wanting to create most my games as quickly as possible I don’t want to leave the designs too open so I plan on making notes for each game idea, maybe including one or two of my own, which would allow me to get stuck in. I may also create a bunch of random resources rather than spending several hours coming up with various coin sound effects or trawling through the interweb looking for royalty free music.

Throughout the marathon I intend to have a second PC on the go with WordPress up. I plan creating three blog entries, one per day, and just update them throughout the day. I can also provide screenshots of the games and my workspace plus maybe a photo or two! The games will later be published onto this site for free in whatever form they are by the end of the weekend. If you enjoy them then you could maybe donate or one or two get some positive feedback I’ll finish them off and in about two months you can buy the game with proceeds going to charity!

You can also donate now and get your game idea in!

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