X-Orbtek now available

The full version of my latest game, X-Orbtek, has officially been released!

Compete to earn the high score in this arcade style title that is quick and easy to learn but difficult to master. The game boasts global high scores in addition to local scores and unlockable themes earnt by getting high scores. With several different enemies to avoid you’ve got to react quickly and need to use the pick ups wise.

Currently it is only available for purchase from this website but in time will be released on IndieCity and Indievania once submitted and through the approval process. It costs a measly £1.40, although this price may vary for other websites. You can also buy the game with an additional download, Devster, at no extra charge. This was a very simple version of X-Orbtek made a few years ago as a bit of a refresher.

Buy X-Orbtek by itself or with a little bonus game.

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  1. […] summary? If you feel like roaming through space and collecting some orbs, X-Orbtek can be purchased directly from the Oxygen Addict website for £1.40 (with or without Devster). Try-before-you-buy? […]

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