#SKSP Game Dev Marathon – Day 1

I am spending my weekend working flat out making computer games, all in aid of charity. Several people who donated provided game ideas and the games developed over the next 50-60 hours will be based on these.

Each day I will have a new blog post and I will update it as the day goes on. There is also a live stream running. Refresh this page to get the latest blog update!



Was just shutting down when I noticed X-Orbtek has been released on Indievania! Woohoo! Hopefully that will lead to a few extra sales and money towards SKSP. Also spotted Invertical is still a featured game on there which is pretty good to see. My banner art probably hasn’t done the game justice when it comes to enticing sales. I’ve also got some other great X-Orbtek related news but that can wait until after the marathon. 🙂

SKSP Hospital Quest


Earlier on I was thinking that I could be finished by 12 and start work on the next game. Haha wishful thinking! It has been quite frustrating in truth. The hardest thing has been balancing the gameplay whilst in a rush. Also had a lot of issues with sound but it turns out that it was a GameMaker setting that will remain unticked for the rest of the weekend.

However I’m quite pleased to be off the mark. Its not great but it is a playable game where you collect presents for the kids, avoid bugs (spiders I’m afraid – I’ll maybe change that later) and doctors are ambling around, usually stuck, with potions.

As distributing it requires faffing about with artwork for the installer it probably won’t be available until Monday with the rest of the games.

Right now I’m off to bed. Its been a long, hard day and I want to be fresh for tomorrow. Targetting three games with Extreme Koala Super Rescue in Space as the pick of the group.


On the final stretch, I hope, for the SKSP hospital game. It won’t be the prettiest or slickest of games but I’ll have something done by the end of the night! Not bad for 6 hours work though 🙂



Progress has slowed somewhat.


Been working on the SKSP Quest and it has been going quite well, aside from one really dense moment! I have my little dude running around the “hospital”, picking up presents and delivering them. I’ve even added some progression so that new wards are unlocked as you progress.

Next step will be making it so that kids have happiness and health so it isn’t a case of delivering presents to any random kid. This will effect your score so if you have loads of really happy kids your score will shoot up and they’ll get healthier in time.


Oxygen Addict working area

Its finally here! I’ve been looking forward to getting started on making these games. It has been a pretty hectic day and I’m pretty tired from work but can’t wait to get going. I’m now all set with food & drink stocked up, wearing my SKFF t-shirt, got everything launched and the stream from my laptop (precariously sat on the edge of my desk) where I actually do my game dev is up and running.

Its time to get cracking!

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