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X-Orbtek II set for PC release TODAY

Yesterday X-Orbtek II passed review on IndieCity. Rather than delaying release so I can tell everyone when its due out, I wanted to justify buying cakes to celebrate today… so it has been released!

You can pick it up on IndieCity for £1.49 or $2.49. The IndieCity version includes achievements so if you’re up to the challenge, why no have a go at getting 100%! If you don’t want to use a third party client to download the game then follow my Twitter (@OxygenAddictUK) feed for the latest news. Highscore tables will be the same no matter where you buy the game from!

The Xbox Live Indie Game version has been delayed slightly. It will be out when it is out…

Invertical and X-Orbtek II to be shown at Dare Indie Fest 2013

1070073_617183508306565_37456980_nI am absolutely delighted to announce that Invertical, which recently got a major update, and my forthcoming game X-Orbtek II will be shown at the Dare Indie Fest 2013 in Dundee, Scotland.

Dare to be Digital started as a competition known throughout the world where the best and brightest games students from around the globe work in teams to make exciting new games. It has grown into an even bigger event with top developers from around the world coming to give talks as well as sessions aimed at teaching young children… plus an indie games festival! See the full list of events here.

Oxygen-Addict-Games-138x70The event runs for 4 days, from the 8th August to the 11th, with many free events open to the public, including the Indie Festival. There will be 30 UK games studios present at the Indie Festival, including Oxygen Addict. Check out the games on show at the Dare to be Digital website.

So come along and say “hi”! There will be loads of exciting games and you can be one of the first people to play X-Orbtek II on the Xbox. I may even have a certain unannounced mobile game with me…

Where: Caird Hall, Dundee, Scotland [MAP] [Directions]

When: 8-11th August 10-6pm (4pm finish on Sunday for Dare to be Digital awards!)




Invertical gets a major new update

The latest update to Invertical is now available with loads of new content as well as a host of improvements!

Better Control
Invertical now supports controller input. It has been designed to work with the Xbox controller but ought to be compatible with most game controllers, however the button layout may not be quite so logical. For many people using a controller is a more natural experience so if you’re uncomfortable with using the keyboard controls, this is for you. So long as you have a controller plugged in before launching the game you can freely switch between using the keyboard or controller. On the note of keyboard controls, you can now use the Up key to jump and down key to invert. This way if you’ve a large keyboard or for the younger gamer, smaller hands, this means less stretching!

New Start
The very first level has been completely changed. It will now introduce the player to the gameplay concepts of how and when to invert, rather than training the player on jumping. I’ve also changed the artwork so it is a little less of an assault on the eyes.

Unlock bonus levels

Unlock bonus levels

Bonus Levels
There are 150 collectible items within the many levels of Invertical, but why do you need to collect them? Well now you have an answer. Collecting all the books and scrolls in the chapter will unlock a unique bonus level. These levels have an extra objective to complete along the way, such as arming up to scare away a monster or retrieving Mrs Gragglepot’s cats.

The old Great Big World has been replaced by a new area called The Invert World. Here you will find 15 rooms to explore and lots of books and scrolls to collect. Unlocked when you complete the main story, it is an extra area to potter around in and release your inner urge to collect.

Invert World

Alternate Ending
In the previous version of Invertical there was a right and wrong answer once you caught the final portal. This meant that you might not unlock the Invert World (or Great Big World as it used to be). Now this has been changed to an alternate ending that explores Simon’s character.

Getting to Know Simon
Simon has always longed for adventure, much like many of us (partly why I play games!) but what would you do if thrust into this situation? Would you suddenly become a hero or cower in a corner? The introduction to each level has been expanded to explore this and give you a greater insight into Simon’s state of mind.

And Much More!
If I keep going this post will be far too long but there’s been many more improvements. From fine tuning levels to an improved front end, you’ll find Invertical is a much better experience than before… and it was already a fun game to begin with!

Buy it now!
You can buy the latest version of Invertical from IndieCity for just £1.49. If you’ve previously bought the game on there just use the IndieCity client to update it!

The Legendary Tales of the Heroic Dan McSpikerton launches on Android, PC & HTML5

I’ve gone for a simultaneous cross-platform launch of a new game called “The Legendary Tales of the Heroic Dan McSpikerton”. Just rolls off the tongue.

Some call him a loose cannon. Some call him a renegade. A few say he’s a really nice guy when you get to know him. There is one thing that everyone can agree on though. You do not mess with Dan McSpikerton. However it seems that The Anti-Hedgehog League didn’t get that particular memo.

In a bid to provoke the United Hedgehog Empire they stole the first born son of every hedgehog out there. As they readied themselves for a large scale battle, little did they know that their days were already numbered. Dan McSpikerton was on his way.

The Legendary Tales of the Heroic Dan McSpikerton is a runner, of sorts, where the player must rescue their child from enemies such as Captain Peckham and Lewis “Death Bite” Usagi.

Download it for free today!

Android app on Google Play




Play in browser

X-Orbtek II set for summer release!

I am excited to announce that X-Orbtek II will be available in summer 2013!

It will be released on Xbox 360 via XBLIG as well as PC.

There is no exact date at this moment, much of this depends on getting through review processes and times here can vary from days to weeks. Whilst I will target releasing on both platforms at the same time, if one is proving significantly slower to market then I won’t hold the other back!

To get you in the mood, here’s a trailer of the single player gameplay!

Introducing X-Orbtek II

I am delighted to reveal my forthcoming game is the sequel to X-Orbtek, which was recently listed as one of the Top 5 Pick Up & Play PC Indie Games.

X-Orbtek II will introduce new gameplay that brings a whole new edge to the game as well as a local multiplayer mode that combines competetive and co-operative play in one mode. There will also be a classic mode for those who are fond of those simpler days…

Release is scheduled for 2013. That is about as specific as I’m willing to get for now!