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Early version of Bodmaster available on Android

An early version of Bodmaster has been released on Android! Are your mathematical skills up to the challenge of completing the 16 puzzles currently available.

As the mobile and Facebook markets surged over the past few years, one of the prominent genres has been word puzzles. From variations of Scrabble to anagrams and beyond… there’s been plenty ways to test your

A new look

A new look

language skills with enjoyable gameplay. However there’s not been many mathematical ones and as a freak that has always enjoyed maths, I thought “I should make one”… I did!

Bodmaster is a game where you must identify the segments and stick them in the right order, applying the rules of BODMAS (or BIDMAS). The original BODMASter game was kinda cool to play but oh so ugly. I’ve given is a new look, fixed a few issues and also added saving so that you don’t need to start from scratch every time! This has been released on Android for now, with mobile and HTML5 being the main long term targets.

Android app on Google Play

I’d love to get your feedback! Let me know your thoughts. Also if you know teenagers or even better – people in teaching – please share it with them! If there’s a positive reception then I’d love to add hundreds of puzzles and make a full game out of this.

Trick or Treat – A Halloween game

Over the past 10 days or so I’ve been working on a Halloween based game called Trick or Treat. It takes the unique platform / puzzle gameplay from Invertical and adds a huge dollop of exploration as your explore levels looking for books, presents, chocolate and other delights in the Treat dimension. Alas poor Simon can’t reach everywhere so he must check to Trick and make his way past a host of nasty monsters. From a design perspective this gives a whole new purpose to inverting with one being safe and for collecting items, the other being more dangerous. The letterbox format works very well and exploring the levels can be good fun.

I hope to make a few more improvements before Halloween itself but you can check it out by either downloading it via the link below or you can even get it through Steam. I’d have loved to have further developed the game with more vibrant and unique art throughout the levels, plus of course additional levels but time is against me (and GameMaker’s lack of stability… crashapocolpyse). Sadly whilst I really enjoy playing Trick or Treat, after Halloween it will go on the backburner until early October next year!

SKSP Marathon Complete – Games available to download!

Download the games individually or as a bundle

Over the past weekend I have been working nearly non stop to make games, all trying to raise money for charity. The results of the weekend are now available for people to download and try out. Its been hard and at times frustrating. I’ve yelled at my laptop to work, only to realise I was viewing a screenshot , battled through the pain of my dodgy back and even relived my days of high school maths through SOHCAHTOA (see kids – it is useful!).

But you probably don’t want to hear me moaning on. This marathon is about two things… charity & games. I’m pleased to say that during the marathon I managed to raise an extra few donations plus even made a few game sales meaning that once my bank account gets verified in paypal, I’ll be able to transfer that across and then donate the money. Of course there’s still time as the main event, the 24 hours non-stop gaming, is just under two weeks away and there’s still three months left in the year to earn game sales to add to the page. Hopefully some of the positive articles [1][2] I’ve had on X-Orbtek will lead to sales!

In terms of the games I’ve produce, I’ve mixed feelings. Some of the games work well, others well not so much. I think my biggest frustration is that I’ve had to balance quality & quantity. There were 6 game ideas (7 including my own) and none of them were as simple as the games where I’ve previously had a short turnaround. That said, it is still quite an achievement and with one exception I think everyonewill be happy enough with what I’ve done. Sadly the one exception was probably the most important one. See if you can figure out which from my summaries below.

Elephants Vs Monsters

Elephants… with lasers

I was worried when I saw this. My reaction was “Oh crap – I don’t know anything about Tower Defense games”. I’m quite pleased with the result to be honest. I’m not saying its genre defining but you place your elephants, can upgrade them and they shoot enemies with lasers. Job done. There are a few issues with the game though. There’s some performance problems and if I’m being honest, I don’t really know why. I thought it was to do with spawning but I’m not so sure now. With more time I’m sure that I could narrow it down. The other thing is balance. I’ve found that if you survive the first few waves then the game gets easier and easier, which obviously isn’t right. I’m sure with more time I could have refined it. Balancing is a fine art and if I were developing this as a game released for money then I’d probably devote at least a full week to playing it over and over. Due to the performance issues I skipped adding sound as well. Other than these issues, yeah job certainly done here.

Extreme Koala Super Rescue In Space

Extreme Koala Super Rescue in Space

The name amused me when I came up with it but having wrote it out many times now, I’m less fond of it. Anyway… The game is effectively a single player Chu Chu Rocket. It doesn’t have the same insanity of hundreds of mice everywhere but it is still good fun to play. Aside from some niggles with path finding this is an enjoyable enough 15 minute game! I’d love to expand on it with new enemy types and things like banana pickups to stop monkeys throwing, well you don’t want to know what, at your koalas. Half way through when I added the “Press Space To Start” functionality I did think that if I were to work on the game again I could have a future mode where you set everything up at the start then watch it unfold, maybe with point where you can pause and change your arrows. In all I’m quite happy with this game.

SKSP Hospital Quest

SKSP Hospital Quest

My idea was simple – wander around the hospital collecting presents etc to give to kids in bed. This would make them happier, which boosts their health. When everyone is healed, game complete. You’d also have nasty bugs wandering around. That all works. To make the gameplay a little deeper I added progression with more wards being unlocked and of . With the balancing I’ve not been able to complete the game myself. I haven’t been able to “win” at the game but you know what… real life isn’t like that. My other issues are that the art is pretty terrible, path finding can be flawed and it can be a pain trying to find things given you’re in a rush. Perhaps I could have slowed the whole thing down a bit.

I may look at refining this game at some point.

The Gum Ninja

The Gum Ninja in all its glory

For the most part I really like this game. Okay the main objective and “story” are terrible but the whole jumping about and firing your gum is quite good fun. The jumping code was pulled straight from Invertical, although unfortunately that game’s jumping wasn’t the best, especially as it was about going “up” rather than left & right plus it was floatyish so that you could perform actions mid air. That said, it doesn’t work too badly. The main issue is with sticking. I never managed to really solve this.The collision code actually stops you colliding with walls rather than if you collide then stop. This meant that sometimes you were stopped too far away from the wall to collide with the sticky gum. I’m sure that I can crack it, just was short of time during the marathon. As I quite like the game I hope to fix it up some day!

Watch Out – Beagle About

What’s the beagle up to now?

Yeah, this game changed a lot from my initial design and probably not for the better. I had planned on having it a bit like a pacman style level where you go find marshmallows whilst avoiding sprouts (the enemy) but then thought “dogs should pee on things”. I then got overly keen and came up with a bunch of object then realised there’d be room for dodging enemies. So instead you have one room with “riddles” to solve and it takes about a minute or two to complete the game… which given how slow I am at even the crappy artwork in the game still took ages to make. Ho hum. On the upside – game complete and I’m sure the person who made the suggestion will like it for the photos of possibly the most awesome dog I’ve met… Toby!

What would be cool would be to have a whole house with lots of different objects making you search and figure out what you’re meant to do. Then of course you’d want animations or at least something more involving then pressing SPACE.


Well thats my thoughts on what I’ve produced over the weekend. Why don’t you download them and let me know what you think! If you’re taking part in the Sick Kids Save Point then why not play them then?

Elephants Vs Monsters
Extreme Koala Super Rescue In Space
Elephants Vs Monsters
SKSP Hospital Quest
The Gum Ninja
Watch Out – Beagle\’s About!
SKSP Bundle


Taxi Rivals Prototype

The final prototype release in my spree this month is called “Taxi Rivals”. The concept for this was originally for a board game that was prototyped and quite enjoyable, even without the markers & cards required. Rather than making the resources myself, I decided to turn it into a PC game to convey the idea.

Each player (2-4) has a marker to signify their location. A random pickup location and drop off is then selected. Players must then calculate how much it will cost them to make the trip and place a bid on the fare. The lowest bid wins so if you try to overcharge then you’ll lose out!

This version isn’t great as an actual multiplayer game as of course you can see what people are entering. If further developed the game has two possibilities. As a local multiplayer it would require a password style entry but it could be a fun game to play online, possibly as a Facebook title.

Play in Browser

Taxi Rivals

X-Orbtek Prototype


This is based upon a game I made a couple of years ago whilst refreshing myself on C++. However this was made in one evening using GameMaker HTML5.

The player must collect orbs, which slowly shrink before disappearing. If all the orbs disappear it is game over but if you collect one then more are spawned. To provide an extra bit of challenge the player must avoid enemies that are either static, mindless drones or stalking the player.

This prototype only has a limited number of enemy designs and no bonus pickups or music, plus the drones tend to get a little lost, but you should be able to get an idea of how the game will work.


Introducing Invertical

Some people call Simon a bit of a square but he has a real passion for reading, learning and most of all exploring. Help him as he explores the world of Invertical, collecting lots of fascinating books and scrolls along the way!

This platform game requires the player to invert their colour between black and white in order to land on the appropriate blocks. Get it wrong and you’ll go falling through the environment, possibly back to the start.

The version currently available is only an early prototype that was built in one afternoon with 3 levels, basic art and no sound etc but it gives a good idea of what the game involves and the potential with some clever level design and more gameplay objects. Let me know what you think via Twitter! (@OxygenAddictUK)

Play Invertical in a browser

Squeebles prototype available to play

Check out this early version of the platform game “Squeebles”.


You play as Skwibble, one of the bravest Squeebles around. After Count Frackle took his wife Mibbeline and his kids and other Squeeblings, he has set out on a mission to rescue them all!

Gameplay is a very simple platformer, however what makes it a little bit more tricky is that Squeebles really don’t like standing still so the character is constantly on the move. It requires good timing and quick thinking to avoid dying.

Naturally the game is very light on content and the levels & artwork is far from polished but it should give an idea of what the game is about. Check it out either by downloading it or just play it in your browser.


Rescue Squeeblings

Timing is key

New prototype: Paint It Jack

Meet Jack. He’s an ugly plain white blob living in a world that lacks colour and variety. However he’s a spirited chap and is determined to bring some colour to the world and hopefully himself in the process.

The game revolves around picking up paint and colouring your path whilst completing further objectives. This prototype doesn’t have more complex objectives but you should be able to get an idea for the basic gameplay and how it can be built upon.

Please leave feedback as a comment or give us a shout on Twitter (@OxygenAddictUK).

BODMASter prototype available

It has been two months since the anything was released but I’ve finally got around to a creating something new!

BODMASter is a very different game to what I’ve previously created and you could argue it isn’t a game. It is a simple puzzle game based around basic mathematical principles. The idea was to create something that would work quite well on a mobile device as a quick 30 second puzzler whilst waiting for the bus but perhaps more importantly, something that could be used in a classroom with interactive whiteboards. For that reason rather than getting you to enter values, you must put together the pieces of a puzzle to determine the sum that provides the answer. Naturally of course a few red herrings are there to make it extra interesting.

So far I’ve only produced this prototype which if I’m being honest is probably about 20 – 3 x 4 hours work, spent whilst being distracted by nattering on MSN, Twitter & watching music videos. There’s only 10 puzzles but you get to see how things would progress in the game. Naturally the final game would have masses of puzzles plus ideally I would add support for creating your own puzzle by importing CSV files or similar. Should I create a full version then on top of making it look prettier, I’d like to have a more “countdown” style mode as well plus maybe something like 7 simple words where you have multiple puzzles to solve. Not sure whether it will progress though, we’ll see!

Anyway, check it out and if anyone would be interested in a full version then let me know and I’ll maybe look at getting one done!

Half-finished / prototype MolyJam game “I Protest”

Imagine a game in which you have to join protests to make changes to the rules within the game’s world.

I originally planned to spend a weekend working on a MolyJam game but got a little sidetracked and only ended up spending about a quarter of the time I anticipated on a game. Nonetheless, I’ve put together something kind of playable. The game involves collecting protestors either by clicking on them, shooting them or running them over, like you do, and the rules are constantly changing. You can protest for or against rule changes.


This isn’t the full idea, merely what I could get done and working. What I really wanted was to bring in various “special” protests such as saving penguins, changing working hours etc that would affect scales such as happiness, economy and environment. You’d join these with your appropriate protester type (eg hippies like saving the planet).

You’d also be able to start your own rule protests, there would be more ways to collect protesters, eg setting traps, zombies/enemies and the ability to create spawners… all this of course varying as the rules of the game change.

I doubt that I’ll ever finish the game, but at least you can see the basic idea 🙂