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X-Orbtek now available on iOS!

x-orbtekposter2X-Orbtek, the retro styled pick up and play title where you must dodge enemies and collect orbs, is now available on iPhone and iPad.

Costing absolutely nothing, the first Oxygen Addict iOS release includes all the great X-Orbtek arcade style gameplay in the palm of your hand. Can you unlock all of the themes or get on the global high score table?

X-Orbtek is now available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, PC and in a browser. Check out more here.

Get Mashapocolypse on Xbox Live Indie Games!

Mash the buttons on the controller in a sprint to the finish in this simple local multiplayer game.

Press the indicated button as quickly as possible, switching when appropriate and be quick to switch button. You can play along to either the in game loops or your own music library.




Avatar Runner released!

I am delighted to announce that the Xbox Live Indie Games title Avatar Runner is now available to buy!


Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the beach or sprint through a nightmare world in Avatar Runner. With a unique scoring system, collecting items builds up your combo. These points are only earned when you bank so if you make a mistake – all your combo is lost. Run to your own music library with a custom run and compete against friends through tournaments.

It costs just $1 or 69p or whatever the lowest cost is in your local currency.

Early version of Bodmaster available on Android

An early version of Bodmaster has been released on Android! Are your mathematical skills up to the challenge of completing the 16 puzzles currently available.

As the mobile and Facebook markets surged over the past few years, one of the prominent genres has been word puzzles. From variations of Scrabble to anagrams and beyond… there’s been plenty ways to test your

A new look

A new look

language skills with enjoyable gameplay. However there’s not been many mathematical ones and as a freak that has always enjoyed maths, I thought “I should make one”… I did!

Bodmaster is a game where you must identify the segments and stick them in the right order, applying the rules of BODMAS (or BIDMAS). The original BODMASter game was kinda cool to play but oh so ugly. I’ve given is a new look, fixed a few issues and also added saving so that you don’t need to start from scratch every time! This has been released on Android for now, with mobile and HTML5 being the main long term targets.

Android app on Google Play

I’d love to get your feedback! Let me know your thoughts. Also if you know teenagers or even better – people in teaching – please share it with them! If there’s a positive reception then I’d love to add hundreds of puzzles and make a full game out of this.

Introducing my next XBLIG title Avatar Runner

Avatar-Runner---Mid-2014Avatar Runner is the forthcoming Xbox Live Indie Game that lets you take a relaxing Sunday afternoon jog down the beach or sets you sprinting through a nightmare world. It takes the track based gameplay and banking system of HexStackIt and immerses it in a whole new world.

Your Xbox Live Avatar will be running through several different environments to a selection of songs, from samba infused tunes to the intense. There will also be a mode allowing you to run to songs from your Xbox Media Library, keeping pace with the tune. Whats more there will be a tournament mode where you and your friends with compete for the highest score over several runs.

For more information keep up to date on this site, or via Twitter (@OxygenAddictUK).

Update for Invertical available

The unique and charming puzzle platform game Invertical has been updated with a number of improvements.

Art Pass
The graphics have been tweaked slightly to give a slightly lower contrast, a bit more detail here and there. You’ll also see that now instead of the black borders at the side of the screen there is a grey pattern.

Level Design
The true enjoyment of Invertical is trying to figure out your route. Whilst the game needs some platforming challenge, aspects of it were maybe a little too hard. Now the more complex platforming elements have been simplified. Make no mistake though, this is still a tough game to complete! Especially if you try to collect all the books and scrolls! If you’ve had difficulty getting past a certain level, get the update and see if you can complete it now.

  • Controls: New controller support and improved control system.
  • Movement: You’ll no longer come to a stop when you land. Keep on running!
  • Front End: New GUI, most notably the Chapter Select screen.
  • Bug Fixes: As always, there’s been a host of bug fixes.

It is currently available on and Desura.

Desura Digital Distribution

Invertical v1.3

Invertical v1.3

Trick or Treat released on Windows Phone 8

I am pleased to announce that my first Windows Phone 8 game is now available on the Windows Phone Marketplace.


Living in the land of Treat is wonderful. There’s cakes, chocolate and ice cream in abundance. Unfortunately getting around isn’t all that easy. Sometimes the only way is to switch to the Trick dimension where ghosts, skeletons, witches and other evil characters are out to get you.

Trick or Treat takes the unique inverting gameplay of Invertical and giving it more than just a new Halloween. You’ll be exploring your way around unique levels with a trick world full of nasty creatures and objects that can hurt you with a spooky yet charming theme, whilst the treat world is bright, cheerful and full of wonderful items to collect.

Get it on your Windows Phone 8 device for free!


Trick or Treat released on Android

99x99Living in the land of Treat is wonderful. There’s cakes, chocolate and ice cream in abundance. Unfortunately getting around isn’t all that easy. Sometimes the only way is to switch to the Trick dimension where ghosts, skeletons, witches and other evil characters are out to get you.

Can you switch between dimensions to find all the items in this platform game that combines exploration and puzzle solving?

Originally released last year as a Halloween themed Invertical spin off, Trick or Treat has been given some love in the form of bug fixes, new artwork and other improvements then released on Android. Costing absolutely nothing, you can enjoy it today for free on Android.

Get it on Google Play

PC gamers can also download it for free with all the latest improvements.

With further updates to come, Trick or Treat should continue to evolve over the coming month into an short but enjoyable game to get you in the halloween spirit. If you’ve enjoyed it, why not pick up Invertical on Desura?


Most Oxygen Addict games are now free!

With the exception of Invertical, all of my games on PC & Android are now available for free! You can get all of the games on my site

x-orbtekposter2X-Orbtek is an arcade style game for PC & Android where you chase after orbs whilst avoiding swarms of enemies and competing for the global high score. There used to be a free and full version but now the free version has been depreciated and the full version made free. In this version you get new enemies, extra pickups and you can unlock extra themes. Download it on IndieDB.


X-Orbtek-II-Game-BoxThe recently released sequel X-Orbtek II is also available for free. The controls are much slicker and X-Orbtek II also introduces combat so you’ll have to dodge enemy fire whilst firing well aimed shots back. To make things even more exciting you can play local multiplayer. With four players it is a frantic and enjoyable gameplay experience. You can get X-Orbtek II on IndieDB for free or if you get it through IndieCity where you can also earn achievements. The Xbox 360 version isn’t free – I’ve no choice in that! But at 80 MSP it is as cheap as you can get.


Retrieving top secret intel

Retrieving top secret intel

You can also pick up the full version of Captain Getsu for free. This is a top down shooter where you can change your colour to match you target and deal more damage. Be careful though, it will lead to more enemies coming your way! You can now get the full version with additional levels for free from my site.



tragAnother game made available for free is The Really Annoying Game. This is a puzzle game based around four irritating characters. Each have their own unique characteristics and you’ll need to use them to figure out the way to crystals in the many levels. It is a tongue in cheek game based around a solid puzzle mechanism and adds in some deliberately annoying elements that will have you amused and frustrated in equal proportions. Grab it from my site today.

HexStackIt, HexStackIt 2D, The Legendary Tales of the Heroic Dan McSpikerton and all my existing games remain free of course!

X-Orbtek II released on Xbox 360

X-Orbtek II and Minecraft sat side by side on my X-box. This pleases me.

X-Orbtek II and Minecraft sat side by side on my X-box. This pleases me.

I’m delighted to announce that X-Orbtek II has been released on Xbox Live Indie Games!

X-Orbtek II is a new blend of arcade style gameplay. You’ll be chasing after orbs whilst dodging swarms of enemies. If all the orbs disappear it is game over so the game is quick paced arcade highscore chasing gameplay.

Be warned – the enemies will take shots at you but you’re not defenseless. Blast them back or use your mines, bombs or pickups to clear out enemies. Alternatively choose one of the non-combat modes (or custom mode) to remove combat and just chase after orbs.

There’s also local multiplayer and with four players it can be insanely good fun! If you get the opportunity to play with a couple of friends, I’d recommend it.

You can pick it up now for just 80 Microsoft Points!

X-Orbtek II Single Player Trailer – Indie DB