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Policy change to adapt to tax rules

The European Union are bringing in new tax laws as of the 1st January 2015 relating to the sale of digital goods.

I don’t fully understand them and it seems very complicated but the basics that I understand is that I will need to calculate tax for the region where the person who purchased the game lives.

My understanding is that this will NOT affect sales of games through platforms, i.e.:

  • Xbox Live Indie Games (X-Orbtek II, Avatar Runner & Mashapocolypse)
  • Desura (Invertical)
  • Amazon (Invertical)
  • IndieCity (number of titles I think)
  • iPhone & iPad (no paid for yet)
  • Windows Phone 8 (no paid for yet)
  • Play store once they switch their system (no paid for yet)
  • Published games (none out yet)

This will mean, if I am not mistaken, that I have lots of extra paperwork and need to obtain personal info on people purchasing games via my website. So you know what… screw it I am not selling via my website any more.

What confuses me right now is market places where I immediately get a payment using paypal when someone buys a copy:

  • (Invertical)
  • Google Play store for now (free anyway)

I think I need to do the whole tax thing for these sites so I’m now going to unpublish the games.

Bit of a pain in the arse but seems the only way, aside from spending way more on an accountant than I earn through sales!

Happy new year all… aside from the EU tax makers. I hope you have a rotten new year.

Drop in and Play Oxygen Addict’s games

Inverticalposter copyThis Sunday I will be attending NEoN’s Drop in and Play event held in the DCA, Dundee armed with a laptop and tablet(s). The event co-incides with the launch of Wreck It Ralph, which looks like a great film, and allows people to meet game developers in Scotland, from the more successful and well known studios to the likes of myself!

I will be mainly demonstrating Invertical on PC and X-Orbtek on Android, although my whole range of games will be available if you fancy a go! There will be Xbox controllers on hand if you fancy a shot at HexStackIt, X-Orbtek or the Captain Getsu games on PC. You can also grab a tablet to play HexStackIt 2D Mobile if you’ve had your fill of X-Orbtek.

x-orbtekposter2Unfortunately my current main projects in development won’t be shown, it will be a month or two until I can do the big reveal there, but there will be two new Android prototypes available! Taxi Rivals has been given a lick of paint, few bug fixes and is a fun game on a tablet that you can pass around. Squeebles is the other game. You may remember this being a really awkward on rails platformer that I prototyped mid-2012 but it is starting to take shape as a fun Android game!

If you are in the area then be sure to drop by.There’s going to be a host of great games to play and talented developers to meet and natter with. I’m rather excited!

Drop in and Play

The Oxygen Addict store

I’ve been looking at improving the sales of Oxygen Addict’s games, in particular Invertical.

I’ve always liked the IndieCity project and feel that it has real potential but despite being quite a while since it hit beta it is still in its infancy. There are two major drawbacks to the site. The first is that there just aren’t a great amount of people using it considering it already has a healthy catalog of games. The second is that the process of buying a game to someone new to the site is very awkward as you need to register, download the client, log in then go back and buy the game. On the flip side I love their recommendation scheme, which could also help with recognition, and it gives people a more assured sense of professionalism than just paypal and a download link. Another upside is that I can wait before transfering money, ensuring that I’m not losing a notable amount of money to fees. The final benefit from a developer’s view is quite a good one. If I update the game then people can see that and get the latest patch via the client.

Another site that I’ve used in the past is Indievania. It again doesn’t seem to be hugely popular with players and as fees are per transaction I lose a lot of the money to Paypal. As a result I am going to have to charge more. It just doesn’t make sense to lose half the revenue to Paypal costs! One thing I do like is that I can see who has purchased the games. Whilst I don’t want to ever be spammy, if I find a major bug for the game and patch it then I can let them know. Okay that isn’t as good as Indie City automatically patching but least it provides a point of contact.

As a simple option for people I have decided to provide, via a simple plugin, a means of purchasing and downloading games direct from my site. It goes via PayPal so the same issues as Indievania are there, however I’ve decided to increase the prices. I don’t think they are expensive, especially compared to say the price of a cup of bland tea from Starbucks. There have been a few teething issues and its possible not to get the download links automatically but as I receive an email I can authenticate and resend everything. Given the site isn’t overwhelming in terms of traffic, I’m happy with that. I’ve also made various changes to the website to incorporate the store so that all links for purchasable games go through to the purchase page, which contains all their relevent details.

There have always been a couple of other sites that I had my eye on. Valve’s new Greenlight was very exciting but the new $100 fee has unfortunately ruled me out. As this is a game for charity my budget is limited and given that there’s no assurances that the game will get approved it isn’t a cost I can risk. I’d happily pay a $100 fee to be put on Steam or a smaller fee to take part and hope to gain awareness but whilst I think Invertical is a cool game, its a long shot to go up against full time devs!

Another is Desura. It has a larger coverage than IndieCity & Indievania combined plus a cool store front. Previously I’ve had concerns about submitting my games when there’s some more famous games on there and pricing tends to be a bit higher than where I usually target butyou know what, Invertical is good enough. It deserves to be on there. Now to make it happen…

In the mean time, why not pick up all the currently released Oxygen Addict games? The lot of them combined are just over a fiver, although once X-Orbtek is out I’ll put together a bundle for a fiver.

Making games for charity


Last year I participated in a charity event called “Sick Kids Save Point” raising money for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation, supporting a sick kids hospital in Edinburgh, where I live. This year on the 13th-14th October I will be participating again, playing games for at least another 24 hours solid, putting my mental & physical stamina to the test. On top of this I’ll be doing something a little extra. For the weekend of the 30th/31st September I will be doing another marathon but this time making games!

My favourite idea submitted so far is a game based around the charity itself where the player takes on a boy fighting bugs in a hospital and retrieving toys!

Any finished games will be put on IndieCity available for sale for a nice cheap price with all money raised going to charity. This is all money raised from games in 2012 and included already released titles such as The Really Annoying Game and HexStackIt.

Please head to my IndieCity store and raise money by purchasing the games, or even better donate on my JustGiving page!

Forums created

Forums have been added to the Oxygen Addict site to allow people to provide feedback. Registration isn’t required so if you want to be anonymous, you can! Be as harsh as you wish.