FAQ / Policy / Stuff

Hiring / Contract work / paying for assets

As a hobby developer I am not hiring. I generally release my games for free. This gives me a budget of pretty much £0 with any costs coming out of my holiday budget. If you’re willing to work for free then by all means get in touch. If you want to pay me, then certainly do get in touch 🙂 However as a hobby developer I can’t do full time project work.


Nowadays I probably won’t contact anyone about reviews (read blog 1 & 2) simply because its a horrible process and I do this for the fun of it. If you are interested in writing about one of my games then I would be more than happy to provide you with assets and if my game isn’t free, a code. Most my games are free though. ^_^

Game Videos

If you want to create a video using footage from any of my games, go ahead. I’d ask that you include a link to the games, either on their store or this site. The same applies to screenshots, fan art etc. However one thing to note is the audio and maybe art won’t be mine. Check the credits.

One final note on videos etc – send me a link afterwards. It will make me happy (unless you’ve slated the game… then I’ll be all sad).


Most music in my games was created by Deceased Superior Technician. Please go to their website if you want the songs. Anything else, check the credits and maybe get in touch.

Redistribution & Hosting HTML5 Games

If my game is readily available for free either as a download or a HTML5 game and you want to include it on your site, great! I’d really appreciate it if you could drop me an email or tweet first though, or at least afterwards. That way I know who has copies and is redistributing, plus I’ll be able to let you know of any updates or maybe even do a custom build.


Most my stuff is free and I’m happy for you to do what you want, aside from you know… reselling it, steal my ideas or claim credit. If you’re unsure, give me a shout.