A series of multiple choice text adventures that can be played with friends on Xbox 360. Also available on PC.

Three short adventures.

  • Explore the world of Aeski
  • Try to escape The Locked Room
  • Survive an interview for the School for Gifted Demons

Play with friends with up to 4-player co-op.

  • Can you work together to make the right decision?
  • Fail to agree and the game decides your path!
  • Violence is not a recommended debating technique.

Also includes three quizzes

  • Test your knowledge of Halloween and all things spooky
  • Challenge your knowledge of the world.
  • What do you know of classic games?

Please note that on PC there are a few gotchas. First of all it requires a controller, possibly only an Xbox 360 controller.

Secondly if you don’t have Windows Media Player installed then music probably won’t work. There’s some XNA dependency.

Adventures in Text

Available from:

Xbox Live Indie Games

Adventures in Text