Retrieve gems using four irritating characters, each with their own unique personalities and abilities. 

The game is a little tongue in cheek and mocks some of the more infuriating aspects of modern games in the form of a puzzle game. The gameplay is centered around the four characters who have their own behaviours, based upon their annoying personalities.

  • Red is about as trustworthy as a politician and he behaves like a rebellious teenager, doing the opposite of whatever you ask.
  • Green is a helpful chap who just wants to be your bestest buddy. He’s always there to provide some advice, even when you don’t want it. If you’re ever stuck, he will providing a helping hand.
  • Blue is a rather depressed fellow who lumbers along, blocking people’s path and moaning about his lack of ability.
  • Yellow is a hyperactive youngster who is always in a rush, getting himself into trouble. As a bit of a whizz kid he’ll operate all the gadgets, flip switches and do all the tasks that no one else can be bothered to do.

The Really Annoying Game

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