Small Games

I do enjoy creating games but don’t always want to get bogged down with detailed menus, progression and many missions.

Looking to entertain yourself for up to an hour? Check out these games.

Captain Getsu: Survivor

How long can you survive against the never ending hordes? Captain Getsu: Survivor takes the general gameplay concept from the ...
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Collect points by collecting stacks of hexagons then banking when the time is right. A simple game familiar to Audiosurf ...
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Paint It Jack

The Squiddles have a love of colour and can absorb paint to colour themselves however they wish. It is a ...
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Trick or Treat

Living in the land of Treat is wonderful. There's cakes, chocolate and ice cream in abundance. Unfortunately getting around isn't ...
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Retro style game collecting orbs as fast as possible. The player must collect orbs, which slowly shrink before disappearing. If ...
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