Unfinishished game

— petermolydeux (@PeterMolydeux) January 22, 2012

I originally planned to spend a weekend working on a MolyJam game but got a little sidetracked and only ended up spending about a quarter of the time I anticipated on a game. Nonetheless, I’ve put together something kind of playable. The game involves collecting protestors either by clicking on them, shooting them or running them over, like you do, and the rules are constantly changing. You can protest for or against rule changes.

This isn’t the full idea, merely what I could get done and working within the small amount of time afforded to creating it. What I really wanted was to bring in various “special” protests such as saving penguins, changing working hours etc that would affect scales such as happiness, economy and environment. You’d join these with your appropriate protester type (eg hippies like saving the planet). You’d also be able to start your own rule protests, there would be more ways to collect protesters, eg setting traps, zombies/enemies and the ability to create spawners… all this of course varying as the rules of the game change.

The game may never be completed, we’ll see, but try it out and if I get any positive feedback for the general idea then maybe it can be turned into a proper game. Maybe.

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