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Out now on Android & PC – Money May Care!

Having taken a few more weeks than I hoped, I’m happy to be releasing a small game called Money May Care.

Pass and play with your Android phone or share control of the mouse on PC with turn based strategy title centered around viruses and treatment. You will be taking on the role of a pharmaceutical company looking to invest in medication to help alleviate the symptoms and halt the progression of several horrible diseases.

Make your money by investing in the viruses that will grow the most. Battle against your fellow players to dominate the market and see you can earn the most when a virus is eventually cured.

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Available for free on Android & PC. No ads or IAP.

Invertical Touch out on Windows Phone 8 and Android

Invertical Touch will see you switch your colour between black and white, opening up new routes. Can you find the portal home?

Level9I’ve been very proud of my work with Invertical Touch so when friends ask if they can have a play of the game on their Android phone or whether I have it on my phone (Windows) it feels odd to say “no”. Building for Android and Windows Phone 8 is nice and easy with GameMaker so it isn’t a technical limitation, just there’s no plans for release of a paid version on these platforms.

However I’ve decided, well why not share the free version so yeah, I’ve released Invertical Touch Lite on Windows Phone 8 and Android! Whether we’ll see the paid version or not, I can’t say (not my call) but be sure to download the game and give it a go.

There’s about 15-30 minutes of gameplay, depending on how quickly you get to grips with the game with a variety of chapters to play.

Get it on Google Play

Trick or Treat updated on Android and Windows Phone 8

Explore more of spooky worlds and collect more goodies in this great new update for Trick or Treat.

With 6 new levels, all focused on puzzle platform gameplay, and improved controls along with a host of other improvements, Trick or Treat is a great way to get you in the mood for a spooktastically wonderful Halloween.

Available for free on Android and Windows Phone 8.

WindowsPhone-68217A-175x25 Get it on Google Play

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Early version of Bodmaster available on Android

An early version of Bodmaster has been released on Android! Are your mathematical skills up to the challenge of completing the 16 puzzles currently available.

As the mobile and Facebook markets surged over the past few years, one of the prominent genres has been word puzzles. From variations of Scrabble to anagrams and beyond… there’s been plenty ways to test your

A new look

A new look

language skills with enjoyable gameplay. However there’s not been many mathematical ones and as a freak that has always enjoyed maths, I thought “I should make one”… I did!

Bodmaster is a game where you must identify the segments and stick them in the right order, applying the rules of BODMAS (or BIDMAS). The original BODMASter game was kinda cool to play but oh so ugly. I’ve given is a new look, fixed a few issues and also added saving so that you don’t need to start from scratch every time! This has been released on Android for now, with mobile and HTML5 being the main long term targets.

Android app on Google Play

I’d love to get your feedback! Let me know your thoughts. Also if you know teenagers or even better – people in teaching – please share it with them! If there’s a positive reception then I’d love to add hundreds of puzzles and make a full game out of this.

Trick or Treat released on Android

99x99Living in the land of Treat is wonderful. There’s cakes, chocolate and ice cream in abundance. Unfortunately getting around isn’t all that easy. Sometimes the only way is to switch to the Trick dimension where ghosts, skeletons, witches and other evil characters are out to get you.

Can you switch between dimensions to find all the items in this platform game that combines exploration and puzzle solving?

Originally released last year as a Halloween themed Invertical spin off, Trick or Treat has been given some love in the form of bug fixes, new artwork and other improvements then released on Android. Costing absolutely nothing, you can enjoy it today for free on Android.

Get it on Google Play

PC gamers can also download it for free with all the latest improvements.

With further updates to come, Trick or Treat should continue to evolve over the coming month into an short but enjoyable game to get you in the halloween spirit. If you’ve enjoyed it, why not pick up Invertical on Desura?


The Legendary Tales of the Heroic Dan McSpikerton launches on Android, PC & HTML5

I’ve gone for a simultaneous cross-platform launch of a new game called “The Legendary Tales of the Heroic Dan McSpikerton”. Just rolls off the tongue.

Some call him a loose cannon. Some call him a renegade. A few say he’s a really nice guy when you get to know him. There is one thing that everyone can agree on though. You do not mess with Dan McSpikerton. However it seems that The Anti-Hedgehog League didn’t get that particular memo.

In a bid to provoke the United Hedgehog Empire they stole the first born son of every hedgehog out there. As they readied themselves for a large scale battle, little did they know that their days were already numbered. Dan McSpikerton was on his way.

The Legendary Tales of the Heroic Dan McSpikerton is a runner, of sorts, where the player must rescue their child from enemies such as Captain Peckham and Lewis “Death Bite” Usagi.

Download it for free today!

Android app on Google Play




Play in browser

Full version of X-Orbtek released on Android

Unlockable theme

Unlockable theme

For a mere 65p, less than $1, you can buy the new version of X-Orbtek. It comes with several unlockable themes, new enemy types and additional power ups, including bombs and a decoy ship.

If you’ve not played it already, X-Orbtek is a great game that is easy to pick up and with global high scores it can be hard to put down.

It is available on the Play Store now!

Get it on Google Play

Digital signatures prove a buzz kill for X-Orbtek update

When GameMaker’s Android and iOS licenses were dramatically reduced on Steam I couldn’t resist. Incredibly just four days later I had released X-Orbtek on Android and you know what, the game worked rather well.

Excited by this I have started pushing on with Facebook development. When wrestling with getting the app to authenticate I made a mistake, I tried regenerating my keystore. Being a newbie at this, it didn’t occur that this would have massive effects. Alas a few days on and I’m very excited to upload a new version of the game. It gets more exciting a lot quicker, has Facebook login support, can post to the wall and an assortment of other tweaks and improvements. Brilliant.

It failed to upload. It was the digital signature. In hindsight, I should have seen this coming. I should have anticipated it, but I never. Gutted doesn’t begin to explain the feeling when it became clear that the game wasn’t going to get updated.

As a result I’ve unpublished it from the Play Store and have uploaded a new version! You can find the new version at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.OxygenAddict.XOrbtekRelease. If you’ve previous installed and enjoyed the game, why not remove the old version and get the new one?

I hope everyone enjoys the changes and I’m hoping there’s more to come. Suffice to say that I won’t be risking a keystore change again though!

X-Orbtek released for free on PC & Android!


X-Orbtek now available for Android

X-Orbtek now available for Android

The free version of X-Orbtek has been made available for download. What is even more exciting is that you can get it for both PC and Android! This is the first Android release by Oxygen Addict and it plays just as well as the PC version. The game is well suited to mobile phones / tablets with its short bursts of gameplay.

If you aren’t familiar with X-Orbtek, it involves collecting Orbs before they disappear whilst dodging enemies. What really makes the game is pushing you to get highscores, which is why it got a positive write up by Wrathkai and made Games Shrine’s top games from 2012!

Battling for highscores on a mobile phone

Battling for highscores on a mobile phone

The Android version is currently only available as an APK install. This is easy enough with a USB cable, or just download from your phone! Instructions are on the download link or read this – http://www.talkandroid.com/guides/beginner/install-apk-files-on-android/