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Still alive!

It has been a while since I’ve really done anything of note. So far this year has seen Invertical Touch get launched with a whimper (despite being a game that I’m very proud of) and then Invertical Touch Lite.

I’ve been primarily working on an unannounced title that has proven to be a heck of a lot more work than I planned. The game is coming along really well and I’m quite proud of it, however it is proving a little dry to work on. It isn’t easy to go “tonight I will sit down and figure out and implement this complex feature” after getting back from a day job of just that. I end up just playing games. Or blogging. Just like now, I’m avoiding work. Any pointers on keeping focused are welcome!


I didn’t post this…

It is an odd one because I really want to finish. Partly because this will be arguably my best game yet and also because I’m desperate to work on new games… but I really can’t be arsed! Just very tired and looking at the mess of code gives me a headache. Perhaps one key factor is the lack of design input. Working on a port of a board game (*spoiler*) means that I’m primarily looking at turning physical rules and stuff that you count in your head, or hold to the side, into a slick UI that works across browsers is a bloody hard challenge! However it isn’t the challenge of figuring out how to make the game more fun. It will be fun because the board game is fun (and hard!). As I say, an odd one.

192To try and reignite my desire to make games I have tried working on a few side projects. I spent a couple of nights looking to make a simple game called Frown Upside Down that would be suitable for very young kids ahead of Dare to be Digital, however I lost interest in the project and don’t see it going any further. Maybe at most I’ll just stick it on Android with an apologetic description.

I’ve been keen to revisit The Really Annoying Game for a while now, in particular a mobile port. However I wasn’t entirely sure how I’d want the controls to work and as I’d want the whole level to be visible, this brings in aspect ratio issues. Due to the complexities and level of design, work on this as a “fun project” was put back onto the backlog.

Squeebles is another game that I’ve looked at revisiting, or more specifically finishing. To be honest the core gameplay was boring but I liked some of my plans for silliness, in particular Fun Facts. I’m thinking instead that I’ll build a new game that is based around very simple puzzles, primarily basic key skills (i.e. basic science, geometry, numeracy etc), with basic platform gameplay. It would be very accessible to children but also inject a little bit of my “humour” and more adult references (as in 80s culture not sex references!). This will be really fun to work on, but perhaps a bit of a more substantial side project than I plan for now.

The same can be said about my sequel to Captain Getsu, which despite being close to finished at one point I ended up canning it. Such terribly written code! Working as a software engineer in my spare time has taught me a lot and I’m confident that if I restarted the project it would be a lot better. A big change I made in the design was to move from lots of story and missions to having a “survive as long as possible” game but with stages that had a range of objectives. Seems interesting I hope! However time is running out for a new XBLIG title…

Most Oxygen Addict games are now free!

With the exception of Invertical, all of my games on PC & Android are now available for free! You can get all of the games on my site

x-orbtekposter2X-Orbtek is an arcade style game for PC & Android where you chase after orbs whilst avoiding swarms of enemies and competing for the global high score. There used to be a free and full version but now the free version has been depreciated and the full version made free. In this version you get new enemies, extra pickups and you can unlock extra themes. Download it on IndieDB.


X-Orbtek-II-Game-BoxThe recently released sequel X-Orbtek II is also available for free. The controls are much slicker and X-Orbtek II also introduces combat so you’ll have to dodge enemy fire whilst firing well aimed shots back. To make things even more exciting you can play local multiplayer. With four players it is a frantic and enjoyable gameplay experience. You can get X-Orbtek II on IndieDB for free or if you get it through IndieCity where you can also earn achievements. The Xbox 360 version isn’t free – I’ve no choice in that! But at 80 MSP it is as cheap as you can get.


Retrieving top secret intel

Retrieving top secret intel

You can also pick up the full version of Captain Getsu for free. This is a top down shooter where you can change your colour to match you target and deal more damage. Be careful though, it will lead to more enemies coming your way! You can now get the full version with additional levels for free from my site.



tragAnother game made available for free is The Really Annoying Game. This is a puzzle game based around four irritating characters. Each have their own unique characteristics and you’ll need to use them to figure out the way to crystals in the many levels. It is a tongue in cheek game based around a solid puzzle mechanism and adds in some deliberately annoying elements that will have you amused and frustrated in equal proportions. Grab it from my site today.

HexStackIt, HexStackIt 2D, The Legendary Tales of the Heroic Dan McSpikerton and all my existing games remain free of course!

Captain Getsu: Survivor coming out soon!

I’m pleased to reveal my next game, Captain Getsu: Survivor.

The general premise of the game is similar to the original, a top down space shooter where you can match your enemy’s colour to deliver more damage but Survivor strips out the missions and storyline, leaving you with a room packed full of enemies until you get battered and smashed to death. On top of being a quick jump in single player, there will be multiplayer support where the second player gets to take on Corporal Baka!

For this new take on the Captain Getsu game there is a whole new controls mechanism. The original controls design was much more suited to console games but due to the variation in how controllers behaved, this was “dumbed down” to something simple and more universal but unfortunately less effective. However with Survivor a key goal has been to provide support for multiple types of enemies.

If the new control mechanism proves popular then we will see it replace the existing one in the exclusive IndieCity version of Captain Getsu. free for everyone including those who’ve already bought it.

The demo will be released by the end of March with the full version released for free shortly after. In the meantime, why not help test the controller support?

How long will you survive?

Fight off swarms of enemies by lighting up the sky with colourful weapons

Exclusive version of Captain Getsu released for IndieCity

I am delighted to announce the release of a new version of Captain Getsu. It is an IndieCity exclusive with several extra levels in Captain Getsu’s quest to thwart Lord Tatakai.

For the price of a can of juice or a packet of crisps you can download the full game, yours to keep forever and ever. Via the IndieCity client you’ll also get all updates to the game! Awesome eh? Pick it up today for 50 pennies or $1, depending on your currency.

BUY IT NOW! http://indiecity.com/game/CaptainGetsu

Xbox Controller highly recommended!

Help test Captain Getsu: Survivor

A week ago in some spare time I put together a prototype of a game called “Captain Getsu: Survivor”. It features the controls system that I really wanted to put in the original game but as different controllers behave differently, didn’t. However in the new game I’m looking to provide lots of support. The game itself again involves matching your colours but instead enemies just fly about and you dodge & shoot them. Of course this isn’t the finished project, but I’m releasing the prototype for testing purposes.

If you have a game controller then please download the game, have a go and see how the game handles your controller! Help on playing the game is available HERE and I’ve also got a feedback form HERE.

Download the demo here:

Fill out the form here: Feedback form

Many thanks in advance. You’re help is really appreciated.


p.s. Hopefully in the next week I’ll be able to post some screenshots and maybe even the demo!

Captain Getsu demo now available!

The demo for Captain Getsu has been released so grab your Xbox controller, plug it in your PC and enjoy some retro action with a unique twist!

Captain Getsu

Captain Getsu is a top down space shooter where you must blast asteroids, destroy enemy ships and blow up planets in a bid to win the heart of the beautiful Princess Akaihime and bring the evil Lord Tatakai’s empire.

The demo provides three of the eleven levels available in the game and is also restricted in terms of options and music. Keyboard support is present but it is highly recommended that you use an Xbox controller. Failing that a PS3 or standard PC controller should do the job!

Video and full version due out over the next couple of days!

Progress on Captain Getsu

Development for Captain Getsu is plodding along nicely with some varied levels, awesome music and of course, cool gameplay. Whilst the core gameplay and amount of content available hasn’t progressed as quickly as hoped, a lot of the underlying things such as a save system and also a menu have come to fruition quite nicely. Previously these have been bolted on so that a prototype can be released, however it makes it a more daunting task to then implement anything new so this time, it is being done right first time around!

For January 2012, Captain Getsu may have seen its last update while other projects get tidied up a little, however a target of Monday 24th March has been set for the release of the full free version of Captain Getsu. It’ll be tough but I’m hopeful that all the planned content will be completed, along with a few “nice to haves” in time!

Download the latest version here: {filelink=17}

Update (24/01): Target launch date already moved >_< Whilst it is a realistic target, work is also planned for the two HexStackIt games and The Really Annoying Game. The new date is set for the free versions of all four games!