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New Invertical Demo Released!

Invertical is a unique and very enjoyable puzzle platform game where you will have to invert your colour between black and white to open up new routes.


Invert your colour

The monochrome art style gives the game a simpl yet charming feel whilst giving a clear indication of the platforms. As with the full game, you will encounter several different themed areas with books and scrolls to collect. If you manage to find them all then you will unlock a special bonus level!

Bonus levels are new to Invertical and provide a nice new gameplay variation.

At just under 9Mb it is quick download and no installation is required.

You can also play the Invertical Demo in a browser, although please be aware that performance may not great.

Play In Browser

The Really Annoying Game released!

I am delighted to announce that the unique and a touch bizarre puzzle title “The Really Annoying Game” has been officially released.

Control four colourful characters with their own unique abilities and movements to solve over 60 puzzles. The game is intentionally infuriating, mainly mocking some of the annoyances in many modern games, testing your patience as much as your puzzle solving brain power.The game supports keyboard & game controller.

You can pick it up for a measly dollar (US), sixty pennies (UK) or 70 cents (EU) from either IndieCity or IndieVania. Additionally the demo is available to download from this very site:


The Really Annoying Game demo released!

Download the demo for The Really Annoying Game for free!

Play as four zany characters in a game that takes the game design handbook and turns it upside down, mocking the many annoyances and frustrating elements in all too many games.

The demo provides access to the tutorial and standard puzzles mode, a total of 20 puzzles. The full version will be released shortly with many more!

Captain Getsu demo now available!

The demo for Captain Getsu has been released so grab your Xbox controller, plug it in your PC and enjoy some retro action with a unique twist!

Captain Getsu

Captain Getsu is a top down space shooter where you must blast asteroids, destroy enemy ships and blow up planets in a bid to win the heart of the beautiful Princess Akaihime and bring the evil Lord Tatakai’s empire.

The demo provides three of the eleven levels available in the game and is also restricted in terms of options and music. Keyboard support is present but it is highly recommended that you use an Xbox controller. Failing that a PS3 or standard PC controller should do the job!

Video and full version due out over the next couple of days!

Final demo for HexStackIt released

A new demo of the game HexStackIt has been released.

Boasting some awesome music by Deceased Superior Technician and Xbox Controller support, the gameplay is dramatically improved compared against previous releases of the game. One of the main balancing changes has been to cut the lanes down to 3 on pretty much every level in addition to reducing the amount of colours used per level, allowing for much bigger stacks. Levels now also have a break inbetween them allowing you to view your scoreand if need be, get a quick rest.

Download the game for PC today!




New game prototype – HexStackIt

The game will be familiar to Audiosurf fans as it involves travelling down lanes of objects (in this case hexagons), collecting them to earn points. What makes this game a little different and quite interesting is that colliding with an object adds it to a stack. As the stack builds, the amount of points you get increases. However if you run into another colour, the stack is wiped and a new one is started, losing you all the points in the stack! But how do I actually earn points I hear you ask? By banking! When you click with the left mouse button the points from the current total are added toyour score. This leads to a game where you must gamble, do I save what I have or risk going for a bigger combo score? Then at the end it all closes down and you’re left with nothing, in true banking style. This will of course be replaced by scoreboard in due time. 🙂



Play in Unity Web Player

The Really Annoying Game – Demo available!

Featuring explosions!!11one!!!

Become frustrated with a tongue in cheek puzzle game based around four wonderfully irritating characters!

The demo of The Really Annoying Game has been completed allowing people to have a play about, provide feedback and hopefully have a little fun! It contains a tutorial to allow you to get to grips with the characters and 30 different puzzles.


If you’ve any feedback, or in the spirit of the internet just want to give abuse then check out The Really Annoying Game on our Feedback Forums.

30 levels available + tutorial

Make no mistakes, so far the Standard Puzzles is only the the basics of where the plans for the game lead to. In the future it will have a full story mode and (hopefully) every few months a new mode added that will have unique gameplay, inspired by some of the awful game designs out there!