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Invertical available for free

Inverticalposter copyYou can now play Invertical for free without going through Steam Workshop with a new version has been released on the Oxygen Addict site!

The free version contains loads of levels (although not as many as the full version!) with several hours of gameplay and even boasts new improvements such as different control configurations, including use of a game controller, and an improved progression system where you must collect the books and scrolls to unlock new levels!

I hope to bring these changes, along with further improvements, to the full version in the coming weeks!

X-Orbtek Prototype


This is based upon a game I made a couple of years ago whilst refreshing myself on C++. However this was made in one evening using GameMaker HTML5.

The player must collect orbs, which slowly shrink before disappearing. If all the orbs disappear it is game over but if you collect one then more are spawned. To provide an extra bit of challenge the player must avoid enemies that are either static, mindless drones or stalking the player.

This prototype only has a limited number of enemy designs and no bonus pickups or music, plus the drones tend to get a little lost, but you should be able to get an idea of how the game will work.


Introducing Invertical

Some people call Simon a bit of a square but he has a real passion for reading, learning and most of all exploring. Help him as he explores the world of Invertical, collecting lots of fascinating books and scrolls along the way!

This platform game requires the player to invert their colour between black and white in order to land on the appropriate blocks. Get it wrong and you’ll go falling through the environment, possibly back to the start.

The version currently available is only an early prototype that was built in one afternoon with 3 levels, basic art and no sound etc but it gives a good idea of what the game involves and the potential with some clever level design and more gameplay objects. Let me know what you think via Twitter! (@OxygenAddictUK)

Play Invertical in a browser

Squeebles prototype available to play

Check out this early version of the platform game “Squeebles”.


You play as Skwibble, one of the bravest Squeebles around. After Count Frackle took his wife Mibbeline and his kids and other Squeeblings, he has set out on a mission to rescue them all!

Gameplay is a very simple platformer, however what makes it a little bit more tricky is that Squeebles really don’t like standing still so the character is constantly on the move. It requires good timing and quick thinking to avoid dying.

Naturally the game is very light on content and the levels & artwork is far from polished but it should give an idea of what the game is about. Check it out either by downloading it or just play it in your browser.


Rescue Squeeblings

Timing is key

BODMASter prototype available

It has been two months since the anything was released but I’ve finally got around to a creating something new!

BODMASter is a very different game to what I’ve previously created and you could argue it isn’t a game. It is a simple puzzle game based around basic mathematical principles. The idea was to create something that would work quite well on a mobile device as a quick 30 second puzzler whilst waiting for the bus but perhaps more importantly, something that could be used in a classroom with interactive whiteboards. For that reason rather than getting you to enter values, you must put together the pieces of a puzzle to determine the sum that provides the answer. Naturally of course a few red herrings are there to make it extra interesting.

So far I’ve only produced this prototype which if I’m being honest is probably about 20 – 3 x 4 hours work, spent whilst being distracted by nattering on MSN, Twitter & watching music videos. There’s only 10 puzzles but you get to see how things would progress in the game. Naturally the final game would have masses of puzzles plus ideally I would add support for creating your own puzzle by importing CSV files or similar. Should I create a full version then on top of making it look prettier, I’d like to have a more “countdown” style mode as well plus maybe something like 7 simple words where you have multiple puzzles to solve. Not sure whether it will progress though, we’ll see!

Anyway, check it out and if anyone would be interested in a full version then let me know and I’ll maybe look at getting one done!

The Really Annoying Game released!

I am delighted to announce that the unique and a touch bizarre puzzle title “The Really Annoying Game” has been officially released.

Control four colourful characters with their own unique abilities and movements to solve over 60 puzzles. The game is intentionally infuriating, mainly mocking some of the annoyances in many modern games, testing your patience as much as your puzzle solving brain power.The game supports keyboard & game controller.

You can pick it up for a measly dollar (US), sixty pennies (UK) or 70 cents (EU) from either IndieCity or IndieVania. Additionally the demo is available to download from this very site:


HexStackIt released for free!

The final free PC version of HexStackIt is now available to download!

You must earn the highest score possible by building stacks of hexagons, whilst dodging other colours. One mistake could ruin everything so be sure to bank… unless you are brave enough to fill the stack!

The game is available on PC for free with several versions to download. It comes as an installer or just as a plain old zip file if that’s your thing. Controls are shown at the start but to really get the full experience it is recommended that you plug in a game controller – even better if it is a trusty old xbox controller! The awesome tunes are free to download by the wonderful chap who provided them over at nosoapradio.us.