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Introducing Invertical

Some people call Simon a bit of a square but he has a real passion for reading, learning and most of all exploring. Help him as he explores the world of Invertical, collecting lots of fascinating books and scrolls along the way!

This platform game requires the player to invert their colour between black and white in order to land on the appropriate blocks. Get it wrong and you’ll go falling through the environment, possibly back to the start.

The version currently available is only an early prototype that was built in one afternoon with 3 levels, basic art and no sound etc but it gives a good idea of what the game involves and the potential with some clever level design and more gameplay objects. Let me know what you think via Twitter! (@OxygenAddictUK)

Play Invertical in a browser

Squeebles prototype available to play

Check out this early version of the platform game “Squeebles”.


You play as Skwibble, one of the bravest Squeebles around. After Count Frackle took his wife Mibbeline and his kids and other Squeeblings, he has set out on a mission to rescue them all!

Gameplay is a very simple platformer, however what makes it a little bit more tricky is that Squeebles really don’t like standing still so the character is constantly on the move. It requires good timing and quick thinking to avoid dying.

Naturally the game is very light on content and the levels & artwork is far from polished but it should give an idea of what the game is about. Check it out either by downloading it or just play it in your browser.


Rescue Squeeblings

Timing is key

Get Mi Haem now playable via the browser

Guide your Scotsman home

Hardly a classic but the game made in a few hours on evening, Get Mi Haem, has had a few updates then re-released as a HTML5 game that can be played in your browser. The updated version is also available for download (same link as before).

Get Mi Haem Play it now!

Captain Getsu: Survivor coming out soon!

I’m pleased to reveal my next game, Captain Getsu: Survivor.

The general premise of the game is similar to the original, a top down space shooter where you can match your enemy’s colour to deliver more damage but Survivor strips out the missions and storyline, leaving you with a room packed full of enemies until you get battered and smashed to death. On top of being a quick jump in single player, there will be multiplayer support where the second player gets to take on Corporal Baka!

For this new take on the Captain Getsu game there is a whole new controls mechanism. The original controls design was much more suited to console games but due to the variation in how controllers behaved, this was “dumbed down” to something simple and more universal but unfortunately less effective. However with Survivor a key goal has been to provide support for multiple types of enemies.

If the new control mechanism proves popular then we will see it replace the existing one in the exclusive IndieCity version of Captain Getsu. free for everyone including those who’ve already bought it.

The demo will be released by the end of March with the full version released for free shortly after. In the meantime, why not help test the controller support?

How long will you survive?

Fight off swarms of enemies by lighting up the sky with colourful weapons

The Really Annoying Game demo released!

Download the demo for The Really Annoying Game for free!

Play as four zany characters in a game that takes the game design handbook and turns it upside down, mocking the many annoyances and frustrating elements in all too many games.

The demo provides access to the tutorial and standard puzzles mode, a total of 20 puzzles. The full version will be released shortly with many more!

Captain Getsu demo now available!

The demo for Captain Getsu has been released so grab your Xbox controller, plug it in your PC and enjoy some retro action with a unique twist!

Captain Getsu

Captain Getsu is a top down space shooter where you must blast asteroids, destroy enemy ships and blow up planets in a bid to win the heart of the beautiful Princess Akaihime and bring the evil Lord Tatakai’s empire.

The demo provides three of the eleven levels available in the game and is also restricted in terms of options and music. Keyboard support is present but it is highly recommended that you use an Xbox controller. Failing that a PS3 or standard PC controller should do the job!

Video and full version due out over the next couple of days!

HexStackIt released for free!

The final free PC version of HexStackIt is now available to download!

You must earn the highest score possible by building stacks of hexagons, whilst dodging other colours. One mistake could ruin everything so be sure to bank… unless you are brave enough to fill the stack!

The game is available on PC for free with several versions to download. It comes as an installer or just as a plain old zip file if that’s your thing. Controls are shown at the start but to really get the full experience it is recommended that you plug in a game controller – even better if it is a trusty old xbox controller! The awesome tunes are free to download by the wonderful chap who provided them over at nosoapradio.us.


devSprint released for FREE!

Just over 3 months after starting Oxygen Addict’s first project, it has finally been released! The game is called devSprint and is available to download or you can just play it in a browser using the Unity Player.


In truth development on the game hasn’t taken 3 months, in total it is probably no more than a working week, which isn’t much… especially when you factor in that in order to make it I needed to learn how to use Unity! I’ll be honest and say, this isn’t a classic and certainly wouldn’t be worth charging even 50p for. However it is a milestone, to sign something off as “done”, and for that I am quite pleased. There’s a lot more that I’d like to do, but time is probably better devoted to some of the stronger projects on the go and planned!

Compared to the prototype previously released, there’s been a few changes. The controls have been switched from mouse to joystick/game controller, which is much more intuitive to control (standalone only, web player uses mouse). Additionally the spawning has been tweaked so that there’s less vertical variation, making it a lot less random chaos and more of a game. On that note, the time has also been cut for the six levels, making it that much more challenging.

The game is very much made by the awesome music Robot Laser Carnage by Deceased Superior Technician, which is available for free from http://www.nosoapradio.us. You’ll find most the music in forthcoming Oxygen Addict games with also be rocking some awesome DST tunes!


Play in browser (Unity Player)