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HexStackIt released for free!

The final free PC version of HexStackIt is now available to download!

You must earn the highest score possible by building stacks of hexagons, whilst dodging other colours. One mistake could ruin everything so be sure to bank… unless you are brave enough to fill the stack!

The game is available on PC for free with several versions to download. It comes as an installer or just as a plain old zip file if that’s your thing. Controls are shown at the start but to really get the full experience it is recommended that you plug in a game controller – even better if it is a trusty old xbox controller! The awesome tunes are free to download by the wonderful chap who provided them over at nosoapradio.us.


Final demo for HexStackIt released

A new demo of the game HexStackIt has been released.

Boasting some awesome music by Deceased Superior Technician and Xbox Controller support, the gameplay is dramatically improved compared against previous releases of the game. One of the main balancing changes has been to cut the lanes down to 3 on pretty much every level in addition to reducing the amount of colours used per level, allowing for much bigger stacks. Levels now also have a break inbetween them allowing you to view your scoreand if need be, get a quick rest.

Download the game for PC today!




Music makes all the difference

Most of the games currently in the Oxygen Addict library were designed so that the gameplay goes hand in hand with music, rather like the wonderful Audiosurf. However when releasing what is currently available I hadn’t been able to track down any good free music. That of course changed when I found NoSoapRadio.

Last night a build of the first HexStackIt was put together that included music and controller (specifically Xbox) support and I have to say, it makes a hell of a difference! With some balancing tweaks the game feels much more intense and is a more enjoyable experience. The improved controls also makes it a more natural and instinctive game but of course the mouse controls will be left in. There’s still some more changes to be made before the game can be properly released (at least the “free” version), most notably a front end, but a couple of nights work has made such a huge difference!

There is one more challenge that I face with music on HexStackIt and that is file sizes. The songs are all pretty damn awesome so I don’t want to cut any but the executable is now 45Mb zipped up and web player version is even bigger! Be a shame but a few songs will be lost from the windows version and most from the web player *sad face*.

HexStackIt 2D update – additional controls

The latest Oxygen Addict game, HexStackIt 2D, has had a minor update for controls. It is now possible to bank using the ENTER key and more significantly, support for a joypad (including Xbox controller). Keyboard entry is currently still required to close the scoreboard. For full release there will be a shiny options menu.

Additionally this also fixes a crash upon completing the final level.


New game demo – HexStackIt 2D

HexStackIt 2D

Check out the top down 2D version of HexStackIt. As with the Unity game, you have to build up stacks of hexagons (hence the name) and the larger the stack, the larger your score. However one mistake can wipe your stack so it involves quick thinking and reactions to know when to bank what you have, or go for the huge rewards earned by massive stacks.


Avoid Grey at all costs!

You can only stack one colour at a time

Various levels

Look out for special hexagons

New game prototype – HexStackIt

The game will be familiar to Audiosurf fans as it involves travelling down lanes of objects (in this case hexagons), collecting them to earn points. What makes this game a little different and quite interesting is that colliding with an object adds it to a stack. As the stack builds, the amount of points you get increases. However if you run into another colour, the stack is wiped and a new one is started, losing you all the points in the stack! But how do I actually earn points I hear you ask? By banking! When you click with the left mouse button the points from the current total are added toyour score. This leads to a game where you must gamble, do I save what I have or risk going for a bigger combo score? Then at the end it all closes down and you’re left with nothing, in true banking style. This will of course be replaced by scoreboard in due time. 🙂



Play in Unity Web Player