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Update for Invertical available

The unique and charming puzzle platform game Invertical has been updated with a number of improvements.

Art Pass
The graphics have been tweaked slightly to give a slightly lower contrast, a bit more detail here and there. You’ll also see that now instead of the black borders at the side of the screen there is a grey pattern.

Level Design
The true enjoyment of Invertical is trying to figure out your route. Whilst the game needs some platforming challenge, aspects of it were maybe a little too hard. Now the more complex platforming elements have been simplified. Make no mistake though, this is still a tough game to complete! Especially if you try to collect all the books and scrolls! If you’ve had difficulty getting past a certain level, get the update and see if you can complete it now.

  • Controls: New controller support and improved control system.
  • Movement: You’ll no longer come to a stop when you land. Keep on running!
  • Front End: New GUI, most notably the Chapter Select screen.
  • Bug Fixes: As always, there’s been a host of bug fixes.

It is currently available on IndieCityItch.io and Desura.

Desura Digital Distribution

Invertical v1.3

Invertical v1.3

Progress on Captain Getsu

Development for Captain Getsu is plodding along nicely with some varied levels, awesome music and of course, cool gameplay. Whilst the core gameplay and amount of content available hasn’t progressed as quickly as hoped, a lot of the underlying things such as a save system and also a menu have come to fruition quite nicely. Previously these have been bolted on so that a prototype can be released, however it makes it a more daunting task to then implement anything new so this time, it is being done right first time around!

For January 2012, Captain Getsu may have seen its last update while other projects get tidied up a little, however a target of Monday 24th March has been set for the release of the full free version of Captain Getsu. It’ll be tough but I’m hopeful that all the planned content will be completed, along with a few “nice to haves” in time!

Download the latest version here: {filelink=17}

Update (24/01): Target launch date already moved >_< Whilst it is a realistic target, work is also planned for the two HexStackIt games and The Really Annoying Game. The new date is set for the free versions of all four games!