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devSprint released for FREE!

Just over 3 months after starting Oxygen Addict’s first project, it has finally been released! The game is called devSprint and is available to download or you can just play it in a browser using the Unity Player.


In truth development on the game hasn’t taken 3 months, in total it is probably no more than a working week, which isn’t much… especially when you factor in that in order to make it I needed to learn how to use Unity! I’ll be honest and say, this isn’t a classic and certainly wouldn’t be worth charging even 50p for. However it is a milestone, to sign something off as “done”, and for that I am quite pleased. There’s a lot more that I’d like to do, but time is probably better devoted to some of the stronger projects on the go and planned!

Compared to the prototype previously released, there’s been a few changes. The controls have been switched from mouse to joystick/game controller, which is much more intuitive to control (standalone only, web player uses mouse). Additionally the spawning has been tweaked so that there’s less vertical variation, making it a lot less random chaos and more of a game. On that note, the time has also been cut for the six levels, making it that much more challenging.

The game is very much made by the awesome music Robot Laser Carnage by Deceased Superior Technician, which is available for free from http://www.nosoapradio.us. You’ll find most the music in forthcoming Oxygen Addict games with also be rocking some awesome DST tunes!


Play in browser (Unity Player)

A hectic start to 2012 planned!

Over the past 2 weeks there’s already been a lot of activity but there’s some exciting plans for the first quarter of 2012. The aim is to create a “finished” version of each game and start trying to get them distributed on the net for people to play! For each game a bunch of changes, additional content and improvements have been¬†identified. Some things are absolutely essential, even for a free version in addition to further changes that, time permitting, would make the games good enough to put on sites requiring a small fee (50p-¬£1).

Every few days I’ll put up details on what is planned and to get the ball rolling, lets look at the first game put on here, devSprint. In truth, this will never make a game that’s worth playing for but nonetheless there are improvements that can be made. The two key focuses will be providing joypad support (geared towards Xbox 360 controller) and music. After some hunting around I found an amazing site, NoSoapRadio, with loads of music for games that is both royalty and cost free! Given that Oxygen Addict isn’t out for commercial gain, this is great! However if any cash was to come in then I intend to donate a portion to the chap providing the tunes ^_^ Alternatively go donate yourself!