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Ah screw it – time press the Ship It button

I’ve been here before. Life has been busy & stressful and consequently I’ve found myself struggling to crack on with developing games.

I had a decent plan to make development more interesting, to keep me honest, and maintain my momentum with Paint It Jack to create a quality game. However things happened, priorities changed and I never quite got over the line for the v1.0 release. Right now the game needs artwork, some polish and release resources then the first version is good to go.

I thought the project started OK

This has been a barrier to finishing the game. I hate doing artwork, primarily because I’m awful at it. With Paint It Jack I originally started with my wife helping me and I was getting quite excited about the look of the game but that was only a day or two together and you’ll be able to differentiate mine and her artwork.

I’m all to tempted to ship my placeholder boss…

Being realistic, very few people, if any, will every play the game so so right now I’m tempted to do a 10 minute job on each remaining item. Get the game done. Get it shipped. It won’t be a hit but it never would be. It is a bit of a shame as I liked the game but there’s nothing stopping me coming back in due course. However finishing this is stopping me from doing anything else right now!

After Paint It Jack I am keen to spend 1-2 months prototyping lots of fun little games. No time wasted on loading/saving, tutorials or even artwork. If I don’t already have reusable resources then it is triangles, squares and circles.

It is time to enjoy designing gameplay once again!

Wetting my appetite with Paint It Jack


For some time I have been working on an unannounced project, whilst also dealing with a big personal event (Achievement Unlocked: Got Married) and a not entirely enjoyable day job. On top of that I’ve got new consoles to play and the desire to have a life away from my desk.

This has meant that sitting down to struggle through some rather challenging areas of code & design has been less and less appealing. Progress has been slow and this has affected my hunger and desire to work in my spare time.

To reinvigorate myself, a new project has been started. I’m going to work bloody hard to finish this and unlike some other projects, getting it playable and shipped won’t be enough. It needs polish. It needs depth in gameplay.

I am looking to take the concept of “Paint It Jack“, a simple game about painting the gameworld that was prototyped in 2012 but never finished. I hope to go beyond my initial plans and make a fun arcade game with a range of game modes, characters, different enemies, pickups, a well built progression and also visually attractive – or at least less MS-Paint than my other games.

Over the coming weeks I plan on writing an article each week, tracking development and looking at features that I’m planning and sharing screenshots. I hope this, even if no one reads them, proves a fun and interesting experience that also spurs me on.

Paint It Jack prototype, 2012


I don’t expect to implement everything for initial release but I’d love to get something in a solid shape to put on GameJolt and/or IndieDB before moving back to the unannounced project. Once that is released, or at least functionally complete (pending playtests, feedback etc), then I’ll move on to developing the next series of features.

I hope that once this first phase and initial release has been completed, I’ll be fully up to speed again and ready to really engage with the challenge of my unannounced project. If writing little articles, like what I’m planning with Paint It Jack, is valuable for myself, then I’ll look at doing the same with the unannounced project. When looking at what has been completed (and working), I’m quite proud. Hopefully in a few months I’ll be able to really build on what is done and get a pretty awesome strategy game out by the end of the year.

Note: Unannounced project is not an original IP, hence no title. Perhaps I should think of a fun code name. Like how a film called Mary Lou was being shot near my flat recently…

Here’s a video of my old Paint It Jack prototype: