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Most Oxygen Addict games are now free!

With the exception of Invertical, all of my games on PC & Android are now available for free! You can get all of the games on my site

x-orbtekposter2X-Orbtek is an arcade style game for PC & Android where you chase after orbs whilst avoiding swarms of enemies and competing for the global high score. There used to be a free and full version but now the free version has been depreciated and the full version made free. In this version you get new enemies, extra pickups and you can unlock extra themes. Download it on IndieDB.


X-Orbtek-II-Game-BoxThe recently released sequel X-Orbtek II is also available for free. The controls are much slicker and X-Orbtek II also introduces combat so you’ll have to dodge enemy fire whilst firing well aimed shots back. To make things even more exciting you can play local multiplayer. With four players it is a frantic and enjoyable gameplay experience. You can get X-Orbtek II on IndieDB for free or if you get it through IndieCity where you can also earn achievements. The Xbox 360 version isn’t free – I’ve no choice in that! But at 80 MSP it is as cheap as you can get.


Retrieving top secret intel

Retrieving top secret intel

You can also pick up the full version of Captain Getsu for free. This is a top down shooter where you can change your colour to match you target and deal more damage. Be careful though, it will lead to more enemies coming your way! You can now get the full version with additional levels for free from my site.



tragAnother game made available for free is The Really Annoying Game. This is a puzzle game based around four irritating characters. Each have their own unique characteristics and you’ll need to use them to figure out the way to crystals in the many levels. It is a tongue in cheek game based around a solid puzzle mechanism and adds in some deliberately annoying elements that will have you amused and frustrated in equal proportions. Grab it from my site today.

HexStackIt, HexStackIt 2D, The Legendary Tales of the Heroic Dan McSpikerton and all my existing games remain free of course!

Introducing X-Orbtek II

I am delighted to reveal my forthcoming game is the sequel to X-Orbtek, which was recently listed as one of the Top 5 Pick Up & Play PC Indie Games.

X-Orbtek II will introduce new gameplay that brings a whole new edge to the game as well as a local multiplayer mode that combines competetive and co-operative play in one mode. There will also be a classic mode for those who are fond of those simpler days…

Release is scheduled for 2013. That is about as specific as I’m willing to get for now!

Full version of X-Orbtek released on Android

Unlockable theme

Unlockable theme

For a mere 65p, less than $1, you can buy the new version of X-Orbtek. It comes with several unlockable themes, new enemy types and additional power ups, including bombs and a decoy ship.

If you’ve not played it already, X-Orbtek is a great game that is easy to pick up and with global high scores it can be hard to put down.

It is available on the Play Store now!

Get it on Google Play

Android version of X-Orbtek Free gets an update!

A new update should shortly be available for the Android version of X-Orbtek. There have been a number of improvements to gameplay and stability but the one you’ll spot first is that the game has been renamed to X-Orbtek Free. Have a quick look through the changes:

  • Renamed to identify it as a free game.
  • Music has been changed to Deceased Superior Technician’s Psykick.
  • Fix for issue where game could hang when player was near borders.
  • Spawning improvements to get the game to try its best to spawn orbs, enemies and powerups in clear space when possible.
  • Improvements to the “Stalker” movements.
  • Border around the game level should now show correctly.
  • Balancing tweaks.
  • “Invite” button added to Scoreboard.
  • Minor UI fix on Scoreboard.
  • Theme is shown as locked in the Options. Previously this information was hidden.

Digital signatures prove a buzz kill for X-Orbtek update

When GameMaker’s Android and iOS licenses were dramatically reduced on Steam I couldn’t resist. Incredibly just four days later I had released X-Orbtek on Android and you know what, the game worked rather well.

Excited by this I have started pushing on with Facebook development. When wrestling with getting the app to authenticate I made a mistake, I tried regenerating my keystore. Being a newbie at this, it didn’t occur that this would have massive effects. Alas a few days on and I’m very excited to upload a new version of the game. It gets more exciting a lot quicker, has Facebook login support, can post to the wall and an assortment of other tweaks and improvements. Brilliant.

It failed to upload. It was the digital signature. In hindsight, I should have seen this coming. I should have anticipated it, but I never. Gutted doesn’t begin to explain the feeling when it became clear that the game wasn’t going to get updated.

As a result I’ve unpublished it from the Play Store and have uploaded a new version! You can find the new version at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.OxygenAddict.XOrbtekRelease. If you’ve previous installed and enjoyed the game, why not remove the old version and get the new one?

I hope everyone enjoys the changes and I’m hoping there’s more to come. Suffice to say that I won’t be risking a keystore change again though!

X-Orbtek released for free on PC & Android!


X-Orbtek now available for Android

X-Orbtek now available for Android

The free version of X-Orbtek has been made available for download. What is even more exciting is that you can get it for both PC and Android! This is the first Android release by Oxygen Addict and it plays just as well as the PC version. The game is well suited to mobile phones / tablets with its short bursts of gameplay.

If you aren’t familiar with X-Orbtek, it involves collecting Orbs before they disappear whilst dodging enemies. What really makes the game is pushing you to get highscores, which is why it got a positive write up by Wrathkai and made Games Shrine’s top games from 2012!

Battling for highscores on a mobile phone

Battling for highscores on a mobile phone

The Android version is currently only available as an APK install. This is easy enough with a USB cable, or just download from your phone! Instructions are on the download link or read this – http://www.talkandroid.com/guides/beginner/install-apk-files-on-android/


X-Orbtek now available

The full version of my latest game, X-Orbtek, has officially been released!

Compete to earn the high score in this arcade style title that is quick and easy to learn but difficult to master. The game boasts global high scores in addition to local scores and unlockable themes earnt by getting high scores. With several different enemies to avoid you’ve got to react quickly and need to use the pick ups wise.

Currently it is only available for purchase from this website but in time will be released on IndieCity and Indievania once submitted and through the approval process. It costs a measly £1.40, although this price may vary for other websites. You can also buy the game with an additional download, Devster, at no extra charge. This was a very simple version of X-Orbtek made a few years ago as a bit of a refresher.

Buy X-Orbtek by itself or with a little bonus game.

Looking ahead to my next release

With Invertical just out the door, I’m excited about getting the ball rolling on my next project.


Whilst “Paint It Jack” would probably be my first choice when it comes to creating something original and fun, I am actually going with X-Orbtek. There is a simple reason for this… the game doesn’t require a huge amount of work. That may sound lazy but I want to get it finished before the start of my game dev marathon at the end of September. Plus after putting in unhealthy hours on Invertical, it wouldn’t be the best of ideas to put myself through that again.

The main benefit of having a minimal amount of actual development required to get the game playable is that what I *really* want to do is experiment with is HTML5. The three things that appeal are Facebook integration, interacting with an online database and trying alternate monetisation (still for charity!). The game itself is well suited to an online scoreboard & personal best plus for a game with very short play sessions it fits the role of a browser game very nicely.

I’m not 100% sure on earning revenue from it. It will certainly be free / lite version compared to paid for although whether that involves HTML5 as free and standalone paid for, paying a fee to unlock more baddies, powerups etc or adverts, that is still TBC. The key thing for me is that I want to learn how I can implement these systems, what works and doesn’t works and learn for the future.

So for right or wrong reasons, my next project will be X-Orbtek. I hope to have it all finished by the end of the month.

X-Orbtek could be a quick win

X-Orbtek is based upon a project that I worked on called “Devster” for a few nights to give myself a refresher on C++ and programming. The game was designed to be simple and just “work”. The player collect shrinking orbs without running into the robots. Whilst Devster was rather slow going, the idea wasn’t so bad. Having played a fair few browser games whilst working on Captain Getsu I felt that with an alternate visual approach and upping the pace, the game could well work.

The prototype, whilst not balanced, lacking audio and needing a “global high score” isn’t far off a free browser based version that could act as a demo. I won’t be including the final music or any animated sprites in the demo to keep the file sizes down. There are a few midi files at my disposal that are legally okay for me to use so music can be included. The toughest part of creating the demo will be creating the high score via the browser, in particular if I use the Facebook API. However I’m confident that a week’s work should allow for this (if I work every night after getting in from, err work), which would be great progress. Not only would it allow for feedback on the demo but most of the improvements will also straight apply to the full version.

For the main release I’d like to add more enemy types and also look to create some variety in the orbs such as moving orbs and even ones that very slowly try to avoid the player. These of course would come in the later levels. To keep things nice and balanced I’d also add power ups such as increased speed and maybe an “orb capture” that in essence increases your collision radius. A two player version of the game would also be quite fun as well! Players would have individual scores but a shared orb count and level meaning that you need to work together but should there be a “better player” they are rewarded accordingly. I would also like to look into implementing the IndieCity achievements and more importantly scoreboard system into the game.

Well thats been a shorter blog than the recent ones. In truth I kept getting distracted writing it so apologies if parts don’t make sense. If you’d like to see me see this project through by the end of July be sure to vote for it!

X-Orbtek Prototype


This is based upon a game I made a couple of years ago whilst refreshing myself on C++. However this was made in one evening using GameMaker HTML5.

The player must collect orbs, which slowly shrink before disappearing. If all the orbs disappear it is game over but if you collect one then more are spawned. To provide an extra bit of challenge the player must avoid enemies that are either static, mindless drones or stalking the player.

This prototype only has a limited number of enemy designs and no bonus pickups or music, plus the drones tend to get a little lost, but you should be able to get an idea of how the game will work.