Prototype version of devSprint complete!


The prototype of the first Oxygen Addict game has been finished and is available to try out using either the Unity WebPlayer HERE or can be downloaded for Windows, Windows 64 & Mac (untested).

The game involves a series of 6 sprints, each slightly different. The player must reach the end as quickly as possible, picking up various bonuses to increase your speed and earn extra points whilst avoiding different coloured “orbs” that have negative powers, damaging your health, speed and score!

Levels have their own style

Visually it isn’t great and personally I think the player model not only looks rather rubbish but is also a bit intrusive. The game doesn’t quite have the pace that was originally intended but that could be improved upon with further balancing. Perhaps using both x & y for locations makes it a little bit too awkward to control. Whilst trying to avoid being too similar to the lane approach of Audiosurf, which is very neat and does work well, its been taken to another extreme. It may be interesting to try a “flat” version of the game at some point though. There’s a lot of improvements that would benefit the game and the main ones have been outlined below.

To do list

  • Tidy up the current GUI & HUD.
  • Add sound effects when colliding with objects & checkpoints.
  • Add background music.
  • End of game menu (death & game complete) including scoreboard.
  • Individual level scoring.
  • Improve controls.
  • New player model.
  • Improve balancing of various bonuses and starting speeds.

With those changes hopefully devSprint can be classed as “finished” but hey, least there’s something playable out there!

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