The Really Annoying Game – Demo available!

Featuring explosions!!11one!!!

Become frustrated with a tongue in cheek puzzle game based around four wonderfully irritating characters!

The demo of The Really Annoying Game has been completed allowing people to have a play about, provide feedback and hopefully have a little fun! It contains a tutorial to allow you to get to grips with the characters and 30 different puzzles.


If you’ve any feedback, or in the spirit of the internet just want to give abuse then check out The Really Annoying Game on our Feedback Forums.

30 levels available + tutorial

Make no mistakes, so far the Standard Puzzles is only the the basics of where the plans for the game lead to. In the future it will have a full story mode and (hopefully) every few months a new mode added that will have unique gameplay, inspired by some of the awful game designs out there!


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