Next project decided – but what to call it?

After reaching a point where The Really Annoying Game was suitably playable, work on the next prototype has begun. Whilst a name is still to be confirmed, the design is pretty much down. Following on from devSprint it will another Unity game based about collecting various objects but to simplify some of the awkward controls there will be predefined positions for pickups, possible three lanes Audiosurf style but to add a unique twist players must choose when to “bank” their score, rather like a gameshow.

Collecting a stack of the same colour builds up a combo score that increases exponentially but if you hit another colour before banking, everything is lost. This should add a nice bit of spice and risk to the gameplay with the player having to decide whether to be brave or cautious.

Oxygen Addict already has plans for a top down 2D version of the game, expanding it further and hopes to give members of the gaming clan “Kill Frenzy” a shot at working on it… once this prototype is complete!

If anyone has a suggestion for a name, ideally involving a bad pun, please let us know!