New game prototype – HexStackIt

The game will be familiar to Audiosurf fans as it involves travelling down lanes of objects (in this case hexagons), collecting them to earn points. What makes this game a little different and quite interesting is that colliding with an object adds it to a stack. As the stack builds, the amount of points you get increases. However if you run into another colour, the stack is wiped and a new one is started, losing you all the points in the stack! But how do I actually earn points I hear you ask? By banking! When you click with the left mouse button the points from the current total are added toyour score. This leads to a game where you must gamble, do I save what I have or risk going for a bigger combo score? Then at the end it all closes down and you’re left with nothing, in true banking style. This will of course be replaced by scoreboard in due time. 🙂



Play in Unity Web Player

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