Music makes all the difference

Most of the games currently in the Oxygen Addict library were designed so that the gameplay goes hand in hand with music, rather like the wonderful Audiosurf. However when releasing what is currently available I hadn’t been able to track down any good free music. That of course changed when I foundĀ NoSoapRadio.

Last night a build of the first HexStackIt was put together that included music and controller (specifically Xbox) support and I have to say, it makes a hell of a difference! With some balancing tweaks the game feels much more intense and is a more enjoyable experience. The improved controls also makes it a more natural and instinctive game but of course the mouse controls will be left in. There’s still some more changes to be made before the game can be properly released (at least the “free” version), most notably a front end, but a couple of nights work has made such a huge difference!

There is one more challenge that I face with music on HexStackIt and that is file sizes. The songs are all pretty damn awesome so I don’t want to cut any but the executable is now 45Mb zipped up and web player version is even bigger! Be a shame but a few songs will be lost from the windows version and most from the web player *sad face*.