A foray into Facebook games

The name “Facebook game”, or “social game” for that matter, is synonymous with resource management games but that shouldn’t be the case. Recently work started on building a Facebook version of HexStackIt. So far using the API I am able to retrieve people’s names and use them for storing high scores. If that is a personal best or overall record then there is the option to post this onto your wall. However developing for the platform will have drawbacks, most notable being that I may need to axe a few levels with each one having a unique music track, or pick just a couple of tracks. The file size needs to come right down!

I hope that by releasing a special build of HexStackIt for the Facebook platform it will provide some entertainment over lunches, whilst sneakily raising Oxygen Addict awareness by getting players to brag about their scores. ^_^

Check out the preview version now at: http://apps.facebook.com/hexstackit/

Be warned, it is subject to change!


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