Captain Getsu released for free!

Battle the evil Lord Tatakai’s empire as the heroic Captain Getsu in this top down retro shooter with a unique twist in this free game. In addition to blowing up asteroids, blasting enemy ships and destroying planets you’ll be rescuing friends and courting the beautiful Princess Akaihime.

Captain Getsu

What makes Captain Getsu that little bit different to other similar looking games is its unique use of colour. Whilst the plain grey ships are easy to take out, the coloured ones require extra shots. The same applies for planets, which will take forever with your usual blaster. Fear not as you can power up your ship to match the colour of the enemy and fire more powerful shots. This however will attract a swarm of enemies coming flying in at you so don’t dither or dally otherwise you’ll come to an unfortunate end! The colours are nicely matched to those used for buttons on the Xbox controller so plug your Xbox controller into your PC and blast away!

Download it today for free on the PC.

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