Release for free or charge a dollar?

So far HexStackIt, Captain Getsu and devSprint have been officially released, all for free, with The Really Annoying Game just around the corner. There is however one thing that I’ve been mulling over in my head… do I put my games up for sale?

An advantage of releasing a game with a fee, even if its just a dollar, is that it improves the possibilities for distribution plus it may lessen the impact on my wallet that buying software, paying for licenses etc has. On the flip side it is a barrier to entry. Not just the price itself, we’re talking less than a chocolate bar at the shop, but getting your card out, filling in forms etc. Also, if I’m being honest, it requires a lot more work on the “boring” side of things. I want to be making games, not spending a week making various “artwork”, filling out forms and emails.

I’m thinking that from now on I’ll keep releasing free versions on here which will give most, if not all, of the main actual gameplay. However for the sites out there which can have a small fee attached, well if I’m spending my evenings doing the admin-y stuff to get it out there then why not charge a dollar? Although preferably I’ll stick a fee on for extra content or use “Pay what you want”.

Well enough “Dear Diary”… From now on some versions of games may be available at a cost.

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