Captain Getsu: Survivor coming out soon!

I’m pleased to reveal my next game, Captain Getsu: Survivor.

The general premise of the game is similar to the original, a top down space shooter where you can match your enemy’s colour to deliver more damage but Survivor strips out the missions and storyline, leaving you with a room packed full of enemies until you get battered and smashed to death. On top of being a quick jump in single player, there will be multiplayer support where the second player gets to take on Corporal Baka!

For this new take on the Captain Getsu game there is a whole new controls mechanism. The original controls design was much more suited to console games but due to the variation in how controllers behaved, this was “dumbed down” to something simple and more universal but unfortunately less effective. However with Survivor a key goal has been to provide support for multiple types of enemies.

If the new control mechanism proves popular then we will see it replace the existing one in the exclusive IndieCity version of Captain Getsu. free for everyone including those who’ve already bought it.

The demo will be released by the end of March with the full version released for free shortly after. In the meantime, why not help test the controller support?

How long will you survive?

Fight off swarms of enemies by lighting up the sky with colourful weapons