Taking a break from releasing “full” games

I’m delighted to have produced a variety of games over the past few months including a moderate level of spit and polish on a few so that I was confident enough to submit them to the likes of IndieCity and IndieVania. Whilst its great having them out there, I’m also thinking in the time it took to create the artwork, go through submission processes, ensure there’s a smooth front end etc I could have made another playable, yet raw game or you know, actually had time to play games myself!

As such until I won’t be putting out any finished games for some time. I do however hope to explore a few different ideas using GameMaker HTML5, which of course will allow them to run in the browser! I also hope to explore using XNA to create a version of HexStackIt or Captain Getsu: Survivor on the 360.

Incidently I can’t see me doing any more work on web development for a very long time!

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