Taxi Rivals Prototype

The final prototype release in my spree this month is called “Taxi Rivals”. The concept for this was originally for a board game that was prototyped and quite enjoyable, even without the markers & cards required. Rather than making the resources myself, I decided to turn it into a PC game to convey the idea.

Each player (2-4) has a marker to signify their location. A random pickup location and drop off is then selected. Players must then calculate how much it will cost them to make the trip and place a bid on the fare. The lowest bid wins so if you try to overcharge then you’ll lose out!

This version isn’t great as an actual multiplayer game as of course you can see what people are entering. If further developed the game has two possibilities. As a local multiplayer it would require a password style entry but it could be a fun game to play online, possibly as a Facebook title.

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Taxi Rivals