Should I finish “HexStackIt 2D”?

HexStackIt 2D is one of the games that I have up for consideration for my next full release (see poll). As it is the oldest of those in the list, I’ve decided to reflect on it first and discuss what I like and what my intentions for the game would be.

For a while I prefered this project over the original 3D version, partly because the spawning mechanism I developed provided more flexibility in how the colours were distributed. However the positioning and spacing of the colours was just too random and when implementing music I felt the original worked much better. That said, there are some advantages to this project and whilst I’d want to re-do major parts of the game logic, there’s a few positives and ideas that I’d like to expand on.

The game would be redesigned to work within a browser and on laptops/netbooks so that means the controls would be keyboard based, simply switching lane with a key press. Rather than having masses of levels I’d break everything into worlds, zones or some similar name. Each will have its own theme comprised of the song, background & colours used. These would then have multiple difficulty levels with an version using just two colours, building up to several colours, lots of horrible greys plus additional pickups like the white, black and multi-coloured.

In order to produce both a standalone version to sell (for charity) and to work in a browser the game will be fully developed with a range of worlds. Then I’d probably have to duplicate the project and cut it down, reducing the amount of worlds to save on file size. I’d then look to use the Facebook API to connect to people’s accounts. This would allow for high scores and tracking everyone’s progress, including an actual progression tree via a browser. This of course would also be in the standalone version.

Well I hope that sounds interesting. If you think that it would interest you then why not vote for it in my poll? Tomorrow I’ll be tackling my second oldest project, I Protest.

Should I remake this?