X-Orbtek could be a quick win

X-Orbtek is based upon a project that I worked on called “Devster” for a few nights to give myself a refresher on C++ and programming. The game was designed to be simple and just “work”. The player collect shrinking orbs without running into the robots. Whilst Devster was rather slow going, the idea wasn’t so bad. Having played a fair few browser games whilst working on Captain Getsu I felt that with an alternate visual approach and upping the pace, the game could well work.

The prototype, whilst not balanced, lacking audio and needing a “global high score” isn’t far off a free browser based version that could act as a demo. I won’t be including the final music or any animated sprites in the demo to keep the file sizes down. There are a few midi files at my disposal that are legally okay for me to use so music can be included. The toughest part of creating the demo will be creating the high score via the browser, in particular if I use the Facebook API. However I’m confident that a week’s work should allow for this (if I work every night after getting in from, err work), which would be great progress. Not only would it allow for feedback on the demo but most of the improvements will also straight apply to the full version.

For the main release I’d like to add more enemy types and also look to create some variety in the orbs such as moving orbs and even ones that very slowly try to avoid the player. These of course would come in the later levels. To keep things nice and balanced I’d also add power ups such as increased speed and maybe an “orb capture” that in essence increases your collision radius. A two player version of the game would also be quite fun as well! Players would have individual scores but a shared orb count and level meaning that you need to work together but should there be a “better player” they are rewarded accordingly. I would also like to look into implementing the IndieCity achievements and more importantly scoreboard system into the game.

Well thats been a shorter blog than the recent ones. In truth I kept getting distracted writing it so apologies if parts don’t make sense. If you’d like to see me see this project through by the end of July be sure to vote for it!