Key challenge for Invertical development complete!

Underwater Finale

For the past week I’ve been working hard on Invertical, the game being developed for charity. Whilst in terms of the number of changes and content added it seems quite like, I’ve worked on a number of more complex features.

Perhaps the most significant of these is the new save system. I’m tracking & saving each scroll, book etc collected. To go with this I have a setting (there’s no menu yet, but it comes from an .ini file) that allows you to decide whether previously collected objects should be shown or not. This allows players to go back and just collect what they previously missed or alternatively replay the full level. There’s also a profile system so of course a new player starts from scratch without interfering with the existing save game.

Early version of Chapter Selection

Whilst it is very basic and certainly not the final layout, you can see from the Chapter Selection screenshot how I plan to address loading the game. Each “Chapter” has 5 levels then some sort of finale. This could just be much more challenging or some original gameplay style. For example the platforms may fade out, disappear then re-appear or you may need to trigger arrows to shoot down the enemies.

It has been rather frustration that I’ve only added a couple of levels as this of course is the most enjoyable aspect. However I’m hoping that now I’ll be able to crack on with developing lots of fun levels! My hope is that with 10 chapters containing the standard 5+1 structure for levels as described earlier there should be more than enough gameplay for a game costing roughly a measly £1.

Well that’s it for now. The save system was always going to be one of the more challenging areas of development so I’m glad it is done and working. I’ll post an update next week, hopefully when there’s a load more content… maybe close enough to get some testers on board!

Clouds Finale