Invertical available for Playtest!

Install complete!

It has been a very exciting few days. I’ve been working hard every night on Invertical and now have a playtest build! The game isn’t a finished product yet, far from it, but all the levels are in place and the core saving, profiles & options functionality is in place.

Tonight I’ll be sending out invites to those who’ve already put themselves forward and if you want to give the game a try and provide some feedback, give me a shout via the Contact form on the site or Twitter (@OxygenAddictUK). I know it is very late on but I’m going to start trying to spread the word. Unfortunately whilst I tend to follow and read quite a bit of the indie scene, particularly in Scotland, I contribute to articles, forums and Twitter enough. Hopefully I can still get a few conversations going!

This brings me neatly onto something pretty damn cool. Last weekend I took time out to attend the Edinburgh Interactive Public Program and was able to provide my thoughts for the Edinburgh Evening News, which also made it onto the Scotsman website! I even got a great plug for Invertical and my other charity work (Invertical earnings go to charity) so suffice to say, I’m pretty chuffed! On the note of Edinbugh Interactive, I really recommend it and any other similar sessions. If you’re interested in a career in games then get along to these. Even if you’ve no interest in making them, its a great way to learn about the industry.

Oxygen Addict in the paper.

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