Invertical is officially released!

Invert your colour to find new routes

Meet Simon. He’s a bit of a square but is a very intelligent and witty chap. Unfortunately as he lives in a world full of shallow morons, books are hard to find. On a frequent visit to the one library he found a new book called “The Invert World” but when he opened it something strange happened… he found himself falling through the air and even the ground in some strange dimension. He went on to find out that when he concentrate that he would feel a tingle then invert his colour. If he matched his colour with the ground, he wouldn’t fall through it.

Invertical is an original platformer where you must invert your colour to change the platforms that you can land on, opening up new routes. You will need to use your puzzle solving abilities to find the route up, searching for the portal near the top of the level, in addition to some timing and quick thinking. Inverting your colour can even get you out of a pickle if a nasty enemy is after you!

You can buy the game on IndieCity – – for a fee of just £1.20 or $2. With around three to four hours of gameplay you have to agree that is good value and when you consider that the money goes to charity, you’re even helping a good cause! All proceeds from Invertical (and other Oxygen Addict games) in 2012 will go to the Sick Kids Friends Foundation. The IndieCity site is a secure way to purchase the game plus they have a nice system for recommending games for you to try.

If you enjoy the game then please give it a good rating! Discovery is never easy and your support in helping get the game recognised and more money raised is much appreciated.