Looking ahead to my next release

With Invertical just out the door, I’m excited about getting the ball rolling on my next project.


Whilst “Paint It Jack” would probably be my first choice when it comes to creating something original and fun, I am actually going with X-Orbtek. There is a simple reason for this… the game doesn’t require a huge amount of work. That may sound lazy but I want to get it finished before the start of my game dev marathon at the end of September. Plus after putting in unhealthy hours on Invertical, it wouldn’t be the best of ideas to put myself through that again.

The main benefit of having a minimal amount of actual development required to get the game playable is that what I *really* want to do is experiment with is HTML5. The three things that appeal are Facebook integration, interacting with an online database and trying alternate monetisation (still for charity!). The game itself is well suited to an online scoreboard & personal best plus for a game with very short play sessions it fits the role of a browser game very nicely.

I’m not 100% sure on earning revenue from it. It will certainly be free / lite version compared to paid for although whether that involves HTML5 as free and standalone paid for, paying a fee to unlock more baddies, powerups etc or adverts, that is still TBC. The key thing for me is that I want to learn how I can implement these systems, what works and doesn’t works and learn for the future.

So for right or wrong reasons, my next project will be X-Orbtek. I hope to have it all finished by the end of the month.

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