X-Orbtek demo now available to play in browser!

The demo for X-Orbtek has been made available to play within a browser.

Play it now!


X-Orbtek is a simple game, designed to be nice and simple to play if you have a spare few minutes and want a quick game. This is why the demo has been released only as an in-browser game.

You must chase after the constantly shrinking orbs before the disappear and the game is over once there are none left. There are a variety of enemies there to hinder you and powerups to help. The visual style is intentionally very simple and clean whilst also having a retro feel, tying in with the arcade style gameplay.

X-Orbtek has a global high score so you can compete against other players to get the best score out there!

The full game will include additional enemies, power up, local high scores, music and you can unlock new themes which provide different visual and audio styles for each level.

Play it now!

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