Trick or Treat – A Halloween game

Over the past 10 days or so I’ve been working on a Halloween based game called Trick or Treat. It takes the unique platform / puzzle gameplay from Invertical and adds a huge dollop of exploration as your explore levels looking for books, presents, chocolate and other delights in the Treat dimension. Alas poor Simon can’t reach everywhere so he must check to Trick and make his way past a host of nasty monsters.¬†From a design perspective this gives a whole new purpose to inverting with one being safe and for collecting items, the other being more dangerous. The letterbox format works very well and exploring the levels can be good fun.

I hope to make a few more improvements before Halloween itself but you can check it out by either downloading it via the link below or you can even get it through Steam. I’d have loved to have further developed the game with more vibrant and unique art throughout the levels, plus of course additional levels but time is against me (and GameMaker’s lack of stability… crashapocolpyse). Sadly whilst I really enjoy playing Trick or Treat, after Halloween it will go on the backburner until early October next year!

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  1. hbain says:

    Happy Hallowe’en! ^_^

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