Game development progress (well lack of…)

I has been quite a while since my last update. I had planned on starting development of a 360 game, however that hasn’t quite happened.

The highlight of the past month has to be a great review for Invertical. High scores are always brilliant but what makes me so chuffed is that the reviewer found the game enjoyable – hopefully others who’ve played it feel the same! There was also some valid criticism, part of which I looked to tackle when making Trick or Treat. Check it out at

As a bit of fun for Halloween I spent a week to 10 days working on a game called “Trick or Treat“, which takes Inverticals’ core gameplay mechanism of invertiing your colour to change collision and applied that to a new context where you change between the trick and treat dimensions, ie scary or nice. The levels were also designed to be more open and I feel this worked very well. Alas I didn’t make the progress that I’d hoped but there was still a playable version out for Halloween. Even got an honourable mentioned in the October GameMaker competition, which was quite cool considering I barely spent any time on it.

Since then I’ve not done much work that I can really discuss. I was out of the country for a few weeks and have been working on a game, but it is for an actual company and therefore I can’t share it. So that was November.

As for December, I’ve lots of holiday plans but hope to make a couple of minor releases. On top of my professional project I want to release a free version of Invertical that will have a reduced amount of levels but also see an improvement in terms of how you unlock new levels (ie you HAVE to collect books). Finally I’d like to make a present collecting, x-mas themed version of X-Orbtek… again for free. Either that or just re-release X-Orbtek for free but with a new theme… These two will hopefully go in the December Steam competition.

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