HexStackIt 2D remade and released

150x57_bgI am pleased to say that a new game has been made available for free.

Collect multiple stacks

Collect multiple stacks

It was this time last year when I first shared an early build of HexStackIt 2D, however as gameplay wise it offered little on top of HexStackIt I decided not to progress any further. I later decided on a new approach for the same core gameplay but something that would change the way that you play the game. Previously the best way to earn a high score was to pick one colour and stick with it, hoping you didn’t screw up (skill helps here!). This could be a little frustrating, letting lots of hexagons fly by whilst you prioritise one colour.

The new approach is to allow the player to have multiple  stacks, one for each of the colours. That way you can switch between the colours and build up several large stacks. It is no co-incidence that the four colours co-incide with the green, red, blue and yellow. You can bank just one stack at a time or all four at the same time. Getting the colour wrong will lose your stack for your current colour and hitting a grey loses all stacks, ensuring the game can still be nice and cruel!

Check out the below video and there’s loads more on my Youtube!

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