Drop in and Play Oxygen Addict’s games

Inverticalposter copyThis Sunday I will be attending NEoN’s Drop in and Play event held in the DCA, Dundee armed with a laptop and tablet(s). The event co-incides with the launch of Wreck It Ralph, which looks like a great film, and allows people to meet game developers in Scotland, from the more successful and well known studios to the likes of myself!

I will be mainly demonstrating Invertical on PC and X-Orbtek on Android, although my whole range of games will be available if you fancy a go! There will be Xbox controllers on hand if you fancy a shot at HexStackIt, X-Orbtek or the Captain Getsu games on PC. You can also grab a tablet to play HexStackIt 2D Mobile if you’ve had your fill of X-Orbtek.

x-orbtekposter2Unfortunately my current main projects in development won’t be shown, it will be a month or two until I can do the big reveal there, but there will be two new Android prototypes available! Taxi Rivals has been given a lick of paint, few bug fixes and is a fun game on a tablet that you can pass around. Squeebles is the other game. You may remember this being a really awkward on rails platformer that I prototyped mid-2012 but it is starting to take shape as a fun Android game!

If you are in the area then be sure to drop by.There’s going to be a host of great games to play and talented developers to meet and natter with. I’m rather excited!

Drop in and Play

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