Invertical – Exploring Simon’s character

Simon - blackSimon is the main character from my game Invertical. Visually he is a cuboid shape with small arms and legs. I always planned for him to look very plain but I felt there was a kind of charm to the placeholder version and he stayed. I even undid changes to fix his weird walk as it amused me.

Simon - WhiteHowever in the game I don’t think you really get to know much about him. Okay, he is described as a square (both visually and personality) and reclusive but intelligent with a passion for books but that isn’t a character. In my head I’ve always had a better idea of what I wanted to do with him but never really saw it through. Aside from the introduction, the only time you really interact with the character is the ending where you make a decision that affects whether you actually complete the game or not. The point is that the adventure is meant to have brought out a new side to him and the decision was presented to see whether the player would react to this but I don’t think that was communicated very well.

In the forthcoming update to Invertical I plan to include explore a bit more of his personality, growth during his time in “The Invert World” and try to introduce a bit more story. I’d also like to explore the book theme a little more. The ending will also have a change to effectively “undo” the move to have a right/wrong decision at the end of the final chapter. There will still be two endings but one will give a bit of a twist.

In terms of bringing the story and character into the game and build upon the idea of the game to feel more like a story. To help achieve this there I am looking to expand the story text. A big part of me has sirens going off… eughhhhh tl;dr text… but I don’t think a cut scene fits the theme.

As for Simon’s character, I will be bringing in how he has been immersed in books and loves the escapism. However what I really want to explore is his reaction to being on his own quest. I imagine many of us have read stories and thought “I’d love to be this hero” but what would it actually be like? Do you really transform into a hero?

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