X-Orbtek II Playtest Feedback: Game needs more modes

This weekend I ran a playtest of X-Orbtek II, my forthcoming XBLIG. Overall people had positive things to say about the game and it has shown to be an enjoyable game in single player or multi player. Playing for longer than an hour to two hours is maybe a bit too much, but the game was always intended to be one for shorter sessions.

There was plenty useful feedback, new bugs found and it was a great session but there was one thing that I maybe didn’t expect. There were plenty suggestions for further game modes. Obviously doing all of them won’t be viable and some are maybe better saved for other games, perhaps some of the variations could be achieved by having two or three modes then providing an element of customisation.

Theoretically I could even have no game modes and allow for full customisation of the gameplay, although that would involve delaying the project by a month plus of course overwhelming the player when they first play! This would probably be just as bad as providing five or six pre-defined game modes. I really want to keep things simple for the player and avoid unnecessary complications. It is a pick up and play title after all.

It will be a chunk of work and of course more reflection and evaluation of potential variations in gameplay is required at first, but providing more ways to enjoy the game, as well as the ideal experience for the player, sounds good.

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